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Tempest Flak Cannon


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I guess I'll start this off with a base over view of the weapon I have in mind, then go into the stats of it later into the post.


The Tempest Flak Cannon is a Tenno shotgun-like weapon designed to trade sustainable DPS for sheer one-shot power.


It holds 4 rounds in a magazine, but fires them all at the same time, like a shotgun. To prevent it from being an ammo efficient messiah.


The projectles move a little bit slower than a Seer projectile, and start decelerating after 12 meters of flight.


The projectiles follow gravity equal to an uncharged Paris shot.


The projectiles appear as half-sized Ogris missles when flying through the air.


Each projectile has a blast radius of a quarter-meter.


The weapon has a reload time of 2.5 seconds.


Each projectile does 100 damage, for a total of 400 damage.


The weapon has a HUGE amount of recoil. Pretty much for show though, being that by the time you reload, you're back aiming at your target.


The weapon is pretty accurate for a shotgun, enabling it to be used at medium range.


Magazine size mods CANNOT be put on this gun. Because that would ruin the whole point of it and give it a massive sustainable DPS.



Damage: 100x4

Fire Rate: Doesn't matter, holds one shot before reload.

Accuracy: 12

Reload: 2.5 Seconds

Crit Chance: 2.5%

Crit Damage: 200%

Damage Type: Explosion, Small Blast Radius.

DPS: 200


To make sure the DPS of this weapon isn't too high, I chose the Sobek to compare it to. I am not taking magazine size into account here, just the damage multiplied by the fire rate. Or divided by the reload rate, in the Tempest's case.

Tempest: 100x4/2.5 = 160

Sobek: 25x4x2.5 = 250


Thusly, while the Tempest can do massive damage per shot, the Sobek can do much more damage over time.


The Tempest's main feature is also it's main fault, unfortunately, as the Sobek itself can one-shot high level mobs if well built. The Tempest can do this unmodded, but it becomes less useful as it doesn't have the fire rate needed to take down multiple enemies. At the same time though, each projectile does large damage, so at mid-range, you could possibly hit multiple targets at once. Also, Bosses weep when this weapon comes out, no matter the level.




4000 Salvage

600 Rubedo

1200 Alloy Plate

2 Orokin Cells


I feel i've covered all the necessary bases here, if I missed anything, let me know!

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Lol we just talked last night about that DE should give us Flak Cannon from UT3 usable with Shotgun Mods and Boom new Fav Gunz0r

Lightning Gun from UT - I would never use another gun in this game again


I do think this is an interesting idea though - your description seems to fit a kind of grenade launcher though more than a shotgun

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I was thinking more of a shotgun that fired large molten projectiles, similar to the UT3 Flak Cannon, as SomatiK said.

What about my description makes it look like a grenade launcher? Maybe I can reword it.


EDIT: Also, do you guys think maybe I should give it a small blast radius? As it is, this weapon is useless against crowds.

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