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Warframe and Weapon amount limit in Inventory


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As for item prices in platinum now, I think you must understand that this is the first time Warframe goes on Beta and they are still experimenting with things, and of course will like to hear our opinions on what we'd like to pay for and see statistics of what are actually the most demanded things.

Right now there's either buying different in packs of Warframes right away or collecting them up in quite tough missions. Which is hard, but it might be fine by me (I'd like to see more craftable weapon/equipment blueprints tho) unless there would be one additional detail. I opened Inventory... and saw I have only 2 slots for Warframes and 8 for Weapons by default, and it asks me to buy more space for plat if I wanted to have more at my disposition.

That is your starting one and JUST ONE MORE unless you pay. Does that mean even free testers would have to pay something unless they would agree to dispose of their beloved Warframes each time they get a new one? There seriously shouldn't be a limit like that, especially if you want to make beta players test give as much input on them as possible.

As for weapons it's similar, you might want to encourage people to buy up sh&t just for the sake of collection, like limited time platinum weap offers or whatever - there are completionists out there! You want them! But with additional limits to space people might start to reconsider whether to expand or what to throw away for it, and thus reduce purchases of new items because of a subconscious second thought factor. You don't what that.

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