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Matchmaking Could Be Better


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I'm getting frustrated because I want to play Warframe with others, but lately I'm getting nobody to drop in with on 99% of the map. I'm sure that there are more than 10 - 15 squads playing at any given time across the entire game and at any given area. I have been playing solo and hoping people will just drop in with me. This isn't about friends or clans -I'm sure those are the "workarounds" to this - I'm just talking drop in sessions (PUGs). I put my Ping on Unlimited and still don't see all that many squads playing. I have about half of the map open and would like to finish opening it up, but it's brutal having to do everything solo (and BTW, I don't choose "Solo" I keep it Online in the event that someone can drop in).


I use the recruiting channel - but apparently the best rewards are for Tower Void missions, bosses and alerts, so people are reluctant to go to just regular missions. Maybe if you had a special reward for each area - even a slim chance - people would play the rest of the game instead of begging to go to specific places all the time? A lot of people, for example, can be on the channel begging to be taken to Naamah so they can get Nova parts - but they haven't even been to Europa! Making it impossible to be "taken" somewhere with locks in-between would force people to actually play the game (and help people like me actually find people playing). That's just one suggestion, I just need to be able to connect with more frequency than I am seeing thus far so I can play the game with other people more oftn than not.

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