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[Suggestion] Void Nightmare Mode


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Yes it's a scary thought, yes it will be deadly and yes I do want this to happen. Ever since I played the last 5 waves of a TIII defense I've been wanting another avenue to get that absurdity of difficulty that doesn't involve wave 40 on an endless, and to me this doesn't seem like that much of a leap. So imagine being able to 'upgrade' a single void key (recipe void key + cell or something) in the foundry to then do the previous keys' tier in a random nightmare mode. Exploring would be perilous in vampiric, speed runs would be....interesting in low grav, and you may just progress as fast as a snail with energy drain. And let's not even think about how lost people would get without a mini-map. These may sound like bad things but to me this sounds like epic amounts of fun and challenge. Anyone else agree?

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