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My Big Whopping List Of Nightmare Modifiers


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Here it comes, a big list of all the ideas I've had recently about nightmare mode modifiers :)

These range from restrictive to alternative mechanics to some more cosmetic changes.



Unarmed: All enemies fight in melee, but there are twice as many of them. (does not affect infested)


Increased Gravity: You fall faster and your shots drop off quickly. (2x gravity)


Ammo Scarcity: Enemies drop half as much ammo.


Elite Squadron: All enemies are elite variants and the alarm is already triggered, but there are less enemies.


Self-Destruct: The map is on fire and there are random explosions. (ship missions only)


Armor Piercing Ammo: Enemy weapons ignore warframe armor.


Overcharge: Warframes have twice as much energy and regenerate 2 energy per second, but enemies have double shields.


Neurotoxin: Your aim is shaky. (reticle swerves slightly and has some acceleration when turning)


Deep Penetration: Warframe and enemy bullets pierce 1m. (mods are added on top of the 1m)


EMP: Sentinels cannot attack.


Preferred Enemy: Enemies do not change targets. (Once a warframe is targeted, they will not go after any other player)


Stimulant: Enemies run 25% faster.


Thick Atmosphere: Projectiles travel at 1/4 their normal speed.


Tremors: Warframes and enemies that are on solid ground are staggered at random (stagger affects all entities on map at the same time)


Serrated Blades: Melee attacks are at 4x strength (affects warframes and enemies)


Power Outage: Lights are all out, rely on your flashlight.


Magnetized Boots: Non-infested enemies resist knockdown.


Strike Team: A separate faction will invade the map halfway through. (eg: corpus show up at grineer, infested at corpus, etc.)


Unlikely Alliance: Both Grineer and Corpus enemies on the map and are allied. (does not show up on infested maps)


Hot Exfiltration: Defend the exit pod for 3 minutes before you can leave.


Hostage Squad: The hostage room contains 3 hostages.


EMF Leak: Warframe HUD is scrambled at random. (akin to disruptor attack)


High Pressure: Stamina is reduced by 50% and regenerates at 75% the normal rate.


Improved Hull: Ship windows do not break.


(damage type) Amp: (damage type) deals twice as much damage. (would dice roll through the damage types the players have on their equipment and what enemies are using for the mission)


What Stalker?: The stalker will attack each player. (for each player, there will be a separate stalker attack during the mission)


Sniper Support: In addition to regular enemies, there will be sniper units in each populated room. (does not affect infested obviously)


Heavy Slugs: Enemy and warframe projectiles are 50% more likely to stagger.


Honorable Kill: Enemies can only be killed with melee, but can be damaged by any other attack. (wear down an opponent to 1 health with a gun, then finish them with a sword)


Mass Sonar: Every enemy is affected by Banshee's Sonar at all times, but they can ONLY be damaged on the marked region.


Predators: Enemies are cloaked and only decloak when within 50m.


Damaged Gravity Drive: The entire map is tilted and off level. (ships only, would leave the entire map leaned on its side, or make the run to the objective down/uphill, etc.)


Well Equipped: Warframe and enemy weapons deal critical hits on every shot.


Hip Fire: Weapons cannot be aimed down their sights.


Friction: Warframes cannot slide.


Mixed Unit: Enemy levels vary wildly. (+-20 enemy level for any enemy entities)

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Some of these are alright, I have had the mini-map glitch out on me and be invisible let me tell you that was a nightmare of itself as we spent 25 minutes wandering the map with a broken map indicator (all of us) trying to find the evac after killing Lech Krill.

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Yea...as the 9.4 patchnotes said, if you REALLY enjoed no mini map kinda gameplay, just slap a sticky note over that part of your computer screen ;P

well some ppl cant find exit even with a minimap and objective marker so....

and i dont say it's good, but it's definitely a nightmare mode

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