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Clan Emblem


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2 weeks ago my friend and i sat down to make a emblem for our clan.

When we finished it i tried to watch the preview, but all i get is the massage that the image has to be 128 x128 pmg.


Ours is 128x88 and of course a png.


Right after i got that massage i opened a support ticket. 

All i got was a mail that they were looking at it.

Well that was 2 weeks ago, i tried to reply to my mail, but didnt got any info on how far they are with our problem.


Maybe this thread will reach the eyes of the support again, or maybe the community has an idea what we can try, or do about it.

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The image size has to be exactly 128 x 128 (i had this problem too). this means you will need to resize the tranparent canvas that your graphic sits on so that it is 128x128 with your clan emblem in the center

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