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Nyx's Absorb And Torid: A Thought


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So here's a thought that came to me while I was running a defense alert earlier.  I was in a pug with my Nyx, along with an Ember and Excal Prime, and we were not having a good time in the last few waves - Level 80 Corpus hurt and I was the only form of CC.  Then I had an idea.  I emptied my repeatedly Forma'd heavily-modded Torid into the main spawn area and jumped down in front of the whole enemy wave, landed in my own Torid clouds, and hit Absorb.  Nyx floated in her happy place for a while, taking a massive pummeling from Corpus and the 10+ stacked Torid clouds I was sitting in.


The resulting explosion made Molecular Prime look like a joke.  75% of the wave died in one glorious boom.


Has anyone else considered doing something like this?  Are there even better ways to do it?  Would it be useful anywhere outside this one niche situation I described?  It seems like a way to charge Nyx's Absorb up to absurd levels easily, and might even be a way to make it a useful damage tool.

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