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Melee Countermeasure Blocking Etc.


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blocking is a move people wont use in real battle, even worse most of the new player didnt know if block exist. so what i want to suggest today is to change block into parry. and this suggestion might help people using blocking or parry in this case in real battle inside the game. lets get into it



prevent incoming damage around you with a different chance for each weapon (in blocking case its just in front of you) the damage such us bullet projectile, enemies melee, etc. successfully parry projectile (laser, bullet, & javelin) will deflect the bullet to a random area and have a chance deflect to an enemy target. parrying against enemy melee attacks will have a 100% chance, with the price the user cannot move while parrying melee attacks.


now we're moving to the weapon parry capabilities, here is the list


-ranged parry chance 35%

-deflect bullet chance 35%


2)Dual Wield

-ranged parry chance 75%

-deflect bullet chance 75%


3)Hand to Hand

-ranged parry chance 0%

-ranged parry chance 0%



-ranged parry chance 35%

-deflect bullet chance50%


5) longsword

-ranged parry chance 50%

-deflect bullet chance 75%



-ranged parry chance 90%

-deflect bullet chance 15%



-ranged parry chance 0%

-deflect bullet chance 0%


if you have read the weapon parry stats list, you've might find some of the stats is not balance like "hand to hand" weapon that have 0% both stats it's because for the sake of logic and science facts you can't block bullets with only gloves like weapon, or can you? just leave your feedback


with this kind of new mechanics you can use parry when you're in the middle of a hard time like pinned down by heavy gunners, surrounded by bunch of level 130 infested etc.


TL; DR assassins creed parry? that will sums up the idea with a little bit of tweaking of course

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