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Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.1


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Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.1

With most overhauls come the fixes soon after! Most of this Hotfix includes fixes related to the Font Rendering overhaul, and we’re prepared to continue fixing where necessary.

It’s also worth noting that the work to put Arcanes as drops on all Teralyst variants continues, and we hope to Hotfix that before the weekend arrives!


  • Changed the Advanced Plains Map to use the bound map key binding to close the Map instead of it being fixed to "M".
  • Removed the Advanced Plains Map hint when opening the Map in Caves.
  • Konzu’s Bounty board now displays an auto-refresh countdown timer when no Bounties are currently available (approx 1 minute of downtime between refresh).
  • Improved spawning points of Dargyns to alleviate reported issues of Dargyns spawning on top of eachother or in geometry. 


  • Fixed Sentients not spawning during their encounter phases in Octavia’s Anthem quest which resulted in a progression stop.
  • Fixed numerous projectile weapons (Detron, Drakgoon, Cernos Prime, etc) having incorrect Status Chance calculations. 
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to drive a Dargyn.
  • Fixed entering a Rampart as cloaked Operator causing a loss of functionality.
  • Fixed Unveiled Riven Mods sometimes appearing blank due to Font changes.
  • Fixed Condrocs that start in flight not counting towards the "Kill 3 Condrocs within 5 seconds" Riven challenge.
  • Fixed a potential script error when fighting the Teralyst that would break Eidolon Lure functionality.
  • Fixed smaller than intended collision shapes on the Teralysts, especially noticeable on the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst. This did not affect their "damage hitboxes", only player collision.
  • Fixed Arcane Momentum and Arcane Consequence reflecting incorrect text descriptions since their recent changes in U22.12.0.
  • Fixed Operators having distorted facial textures when interacting with a Pet.
  • Fixed Atlas' Rubble sticking around if you switch your Warframe in the Simulacrum Arsenal while Rubble is on your Atlas.
  • Fixed ‘Damaged’ Mods not having their iconic cracked image.
  • Fixed numerous Icons not displaying their proper colors in the World State Window.
  • Fixed Dojo color and Pigment Icons displaying incorrect color.
  • Fixed the ‘*’ symbol replacing letters with a diacritical mark (non-English languages)  
  • Fixed broken fonts when opening a Gift, and when ranking up in a Syndicate.
  • Fixed incorrect counter Icon when selecting over 100 Mods.
  • Fixed off-centered Revives remaining number.
  • Fixed a script error that could happen when trying to Upgrade your Pet in Cetus.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred when you don't have a Companion equipped.
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thanks for the update :3

The new font changes are nice, and I'm really enjoying all the buffed up arcanes.
When arcanes are made available once more from eidolons, please don't just make them free for everyone.

The ~2.5% droprate from LoR for the uncommons was no joke, and it would feel pretty bad if people could just farm two sets in a week.

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