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Split Chamber Extra Bullets



Does Split Chamber just increase the chance of one extra bullet being shot? I have it maxed and it seems to shoot more then just one but 3 extra bullets sometimes. If I get lucky even 4. I'm using a Snipetron Vandel.

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With rifles and pistols, there's an x% chance of firing an extra bullet per bullet. With most rifles and pistols, only one bullet is shot without the mod, so it's just a 90% chance of firing another bullet. But with shotguns, each pellet has a lower chance of firing another pellet.

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no it lets you shot 1 more per shot for rifles since its only 90% and up to 3 more for other weapons since they are 120%

the extra 20% is for the 3rd shot.



Basically every bullet that leaves your gun, there's a 90% chance that it is in fact two bullets.


This can be seen with ease on the Boltor, as you can go count the bolts in the wall afterwards.


Essentially a magazine of 60 rounds will, statistically fire 114 rounds, with a maxed Split Chamber. A magazine of 100 rounds (i.e. Gorgon) will fire 190 rounds, 45 will fire 85~86, etc. These are APPROXIMATIONS and the 'center' of the bell curve of the 'actual rounds fired' from a weapon with split chamber.

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