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Kill wild animals with fishing spear: Wild Kubrow don't count?.


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5 hours ago, oGkspAz said:

I'm also having trouble with this at the moment.

1. Difficult to see animals out on the plains

2. Kuakas start running and then just spontaneously combust before you can spear them.

3. Currently with the infested around they come running to you from miles around.

4. When you have your spear out you cant use any abilities as numbers 1-3 are used for the equipment now.

That would be why this is a 'challenge'.

I traded a "finish a level 30+ without being detected" riven for a "kill 6 wild/plains animals in 1 day" riven last night. My undetected one was pissing me off and the person wanted a challenge. Obviously I got the easier one, and while the fact I did it at night where vomvalysts were scaring the kuakas on top of the random infested, it was still pretty easy. We both got them done and reported back to each other what we unlocked within about 15-20 minutes.

Things to help: Take Volt so you're sure the spear will kill if you hit them. Detect Vulnerability on Helios will sometimes give you a nice animated blue glow making one of a pack stand out, I presume Banshee's Sonar would do the same. Move around with the spear out and get used to hitting switch weapon to get back to normal items if you're attacked. I have that set to mouse wheel so I switch weapons like an FPS so it's quick to get out of the spear too.

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I took a break from messing with this and also to see if they would roll out a fix. I tried again this morning. Killed 2 kuaka and 6 condroc in one outing and still completed nothing. Far as I'm concerned this is completely broken. I have also tried this with a level 1 fishing spear and a level 2 fishing spear in case the spears make a difference.

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I took an Archwing and slowly hovered around the plains. It made it a lot easier to spot animals.

Once I spottet them, I jumped down and put them to sleep with Equinox Night Side.

Just don't jump down directly above the animals, because the fall will probably kill them bevor you get the chance to get your spear out.

Worked better than everything else I've tried.

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