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Warframe: Dragon/drake


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Health: 75

Shield Capacity: 75

Power: 150

Armor: 200 (yes, this is not a typo)

Sprint Speed: 1.1

Polarities: 4x Power (Claw), 1x Attack (V), 1x Tactic (Bar)

Aura Polarity: Tactic (Bar)


1) Soar

First press unfolds wings from warframe; spacebar causes takeoff and flight lasts however many seconds (as determined by rank and Stretch+Continuity). Yes, Stretch should modify range of this power in terms of flight time.

Flight controls are spacebar up, control down. WASD perform standard movement functions in air.

Pressing power button while active should shut power off (don't know how hard/easy it is to implement in this engine).

Should add some range to melee jump attack.

Obviously should be able to activate this while airborne.

Speed of flight should be about 1.3 or so in level flight, 1.0 going up, and 1.5/.6 when dropping down, modified by Rush.

2) Dragonsbreath

Emits a concentrated blast of radiation in a 60* cone in front of player.

Does high armor-ignore damage. Short range (improves with Stretch).

Should not be able to activate while airborne.

3) Dark Terror

Frame emits a shriek that paralyzes all enemies within earshot. Terrorized enemies take 300% more damage and cannot move or shoot for duration of effect.

Should be able to activate while airborne.

4) Shadowfire

Wings unfold from frame and propel player a short way into the air. After some buildup time, frame appears to crack and pieces of irradiated material start falling from above. They fall in a circular pattern, and each piece of material has a small AoE over which it does physics impact and radiation damage. Any enemies that survive the meteorites are infected with a radiation DoT.

Should be able to activate while airborne.

Frame abilities mesh well with Stretch + Continuity + Focus (and also Heavy Impact). This would be a frame with the ability to soak up some punishment (due to extremely high armor) but not a whole lot (lower shields/health) and would excel at close range damage output.

Feedback/constructive criticism welcome.

EDIT: Oh, also considering swapping out power #2 for...

2) Clawgrasp

Frame does a wing-assisted jump to targeted enemy, jams claw/fist into enemy's abdomen, lifts enemy off the ground, and then slams enemy down onto a spike or something similar. Would do massive single-target damage (and be an effective way to deal with bosses, in addition to Shadowfire).

...and swapping out power #4 for...

4) Razor Rain

Frame unfolds wings and jumps a short way into the air, covering up with the wings and becoming invincible. After a short time of buildup, spinning+glowing shards of whoknowswhat explode outwards in a downward cone at random intervals, exploding on impact and releasing massive doses of radiation in an AoE that also carries through walls. After a certain duration of time (modified by Continuity), the razor rain stops and the frame unfolds its wings again and drops back to the ground.

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I was thinking of doing something akin to that, actually, with that name...but then I realized that Rhino already has a power "Iron Skin". And that sounds very similar (even if the operation of the two powers is quite different), which is why I went with the current power. I'm not all that fond of my current #4 tho', truth be told, so I'm open to changing it.

As to concept art, you can ask my friends and they'll tell you that my stick figures barely even qualify as that, let alone as anything more serious. I do have an idea of a slimmer male 'frame with wide shoulders, two arcing ridges at the shoulderblades (where the wings would come out) and a helmet with long, curved spikes streaming back from what should look like an angular jaw. Oh, and the hands would look more like claws.

Thanks for commenting and suggesting!

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Hm. If I was going to make Dragonsbreath #4, I would have have to make it cover a wider area (360-degrees) and I think then it would be altogether too much like Saryn's Miasma, which is why I was looking for some way to distinguish it. But I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

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