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Falling From Ground (Void Mission).


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Playing a "Exterminate Mission" in Void Tower with a friend.

When charging a Scindo to strike suddenly, my Mag fall from the floor into nothing.

And kept falling and falling until I aborted the mission, which I couldn't came back later.

Lost a key because of that.




Game really need a "Un-bug" button.

Which take a photo before the respawn on where the player is bugged and send along to devs with more details.

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Yeah, not going to happen, apparently.


The misfortune of players makes DE satisfied that you will be frustrated enough to post about your issue, which will then allow them to fix it. It's a stupid notion that the player experience means nothing to them, just the end result. But oh well.

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Yeah! A lot of those "stuck in place bugs" since 3 days ago.

Yesterday I got stuck in a wall after a stray jump my Mag done. Stood in place until a Greener came and killed me.

This in normal mission.



And also yesterday a friend got a similar bug for Original post also in Void Mission.

He fell from a waterfall (those who have a secret tunnel under it) and instead of re-spawning in a solid place, it was in middle air, and he kept falling until he finally was able to hold on something.


At least a "send bug report" on Esc Menu, in which a God sent GM or something came to see what is happening.


Well, suggestions... 

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