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2-Handed/ 1 Handed Weapons, And Bow Quiver Angled To The Left Should Be Angled To The Right.


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It's somewhat annoying when using a bow and you have the quiver and the arrows angled to the left but you load another arrow with your right hand, it's the same with all 2-handed and one handed melee weapons, they're angled to the left but are being used with the right hand and for 2-handed, right hand dominant.


I can only guess that Tenno aren't ambidextrous since they seem to be right hand dominant only. I'm only suggesting that the aformentioned weapons and the quiver be angled to the right so that it looks like we are actually pulling something out of our back with our right hand instead of just air, then all of a sudden a weapon or arrow appears out of nowhere like it is at the moment.

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