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A Couple Suggestions For The Game


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I was reading a thread that said as a player, it's our responsibility to provide ideas and suggestions for the game's improvement.


I really like warframe and it is repetitive currently, but I enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed some of the titles I've paid for.


There needs to be more though, so here are some suggestions (I read the Frequently Suggested list, so I hope they aren't too repetitive)


1. Stylish System: ...or at least some iteration that makes it worthwhile to use the interesting, but not always necessary mechanics in the game. It doesn't have to be devil may cry or rusty hearts style, per say, but something that makes players think more critically and engage the game more rather than just getting stronger weapons and nuking everything. Perhaps increased exp modifiers? It's nice that players can choose whether or not they want to do all that, so it gives incentive for players to do so without making it mandatory.


2. (Core mechanic overhaul) Complete Warframe customization: I know that storywise these warframes were what the Tenno used as tools of war, so of course models would have been produced simiarly for people to learn how to use them effectively in battle and so they could be taught to one another. If that was a defense, it's the same in Armored Core, but armor customization is a staple of that game. I want to feel as if I am a person and not the armor itself and I want to have the capacity to modify the armor (beyond the mods) to make it what I want it to be. Warframes as classes works, but it feels more like Warframe is a sci-fi skin over a fantasy mmo...without a free roaming world. 


A prime idea to keep the mastery system as it is now, encourage players not only to play other warframes but to collect them and to make the game more engaging and grinding more valuable is to allow players to choose what skills they want. It sounds simple, but it would work like this: Players would be able to choose between the 4 skills that they have

(tier 1-4), but could choose these from any of the warframes that they have previously mastered. The warframes in their entirety would be sacrificed as materials so that players could choose which skill that they wanted to take from that frame's skill set. It would be like a forma, but with skill loadouts. This way, if a player wanted Contagion from Saryn on their Ash, they would level and fuse the frames, sacrificing Saryn to replace Ash's Teleport with her skill.


Perhaps to even further the customization with that idea maybe the player would be able to choose a piece of armor from the old frame that they would apply to their new one so it would be obvious to other players that they completed this fusion and it gives them their bragging rights.


3. A plaza. Dojos are cool, but obviously not everyone is going to be in the same clan. It would be nice to have a common area outside of that for people to interact.


4. A team-work encouraging mode: What I mean by this is a mode that rewards players for completing objectives with the entire team surviving or without going down. It's a challenge within itself and will encourage players to come up with new, mobile and flexible strategies for completing missions without rushing and leaving weaker players behind. 


5. PvP: I know this has been a suggestion, but there may be a way to implement it without extensive rebalancing. Perhaps players could use shinai, practice swords, instead of their equipped weapons in order to regulate the damage and instead of focusing on skills have PvP based more on battle mechanics. The arenas having areas where they can parkour and move around in order to get around their opponent to gain the edge. The controls seem to already be in place to have a fighting-game style pvp system in place. Maybe PvP based mods to use only in PvP in order to keep things in line?


6. A practice area/target practice/test dummy: This is just because testing the different numbers when calculating damage is extremely difficult to do in-game, I've found, and its really hard to see the numbers the way they pop up when hitting enemies. Maybe a Soul Calibur-esque hub where you can see what amount of damage you hit and what is what.


Please let me know what you think of any of these ideas, thank you!

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1. no

2a. afaik DE is planning something in the way of having alternate chassis and the like to go with alt helms to add more to customization. i doubt it will end there, but seeing as other things are taking their time, i have no idea when we will see such things implemented.

2b. concerning the "The warframes in their entirety would be sacrificed as materials" bit... hell no.

3.could not do it without multiple instances and a server large enough to deal with it. in other words, it would cost too much and get nothing for it other than the obligatory "eh that was kinda neat" comments.

4. anything that can boost teamwork is a + in my book.

edit: keep adding things on me...

5. i honestly dont really even care if we ever get pvp. if we get it, cool, if not, cool. that said, iirc DE has said they will work on pvp at some point when the main game is in a better state... they have not given a time frame on that.

6. target range is a good idea that has been talked about a fair number of times before. dunno if we have official word on it yet or not, but i hear rumors that they are working on something like that for the near future. and, lets face it here, there is no reason to not have a target range in the dojo.

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Having a town or spaceship for all players in your region i would love. When you log in your go straight in to your regions town/ship etc. Its something that made Wow brilliant and Diablo 3 was all the more poorer for not having. DE do not have servers for this and having 12,000 people all hugging your connection as you host this town/spaceship wouldn't be funny:) Maybe in years to come if they decide this is the way they want the game to be. Dojos were suppose to be just this but it failed horribly.


As for Pvp. I would love the option to build your favorite tileset within the dojo and then compete with your friends or other clans. Imagine 4vs4 defense or mobile defense against 4 clan mates or your friends clan. You could have some serious fun doing this. A 2vs2 mission type like raid. 2 enter 1 way and 2 enter another way and you have to fight your way through to collect an artifact then escape. Not Pvp but Pve competetion. I think i would enjoy this kind of thing as a side distraction.


Can you imagine the forums? The in game chat? The region and council chat windows? All day long it would be Pvp this and Pvp that. Balance this and balance that. It would drive even the most patient gamer to insanity unless your a Pvp nut and used to this kind of thing. This is why that as much as i would love to beat the crap out of my brother and his friends with my friends i also realize that it would dominate and ruin the existing game. Maybe 1 day who knows.


As for target dummies. I mentioned this a long time ago. This would be an excellent idea. People could test their guns against different targets to see what kind of weapons are best etc. Also being able to test a weapon before you buy or farm it would help a lot. I don't see how this would break the immersion of being a space ninja as ninjas train most of their lives anyway:) Also even a target practice room. You can load up enemies and have then either running at you or across you so you can practice killing with certain weapons. Its probably easier to just load a mission but it would be a nice touch anyway:)

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 Oh. Nice thread. Well, I'm not really an official source but I can try to answer these based on what I've been told.


1. I'd love this to pieces. Unfortunately there is no particular word of something like this being in the works. Realistically there probably wont be for some time - but don't be afraid to stand up and make good suggestions and give feedback! Also, sorta related to this point, keep in mind DE is always adding new animations to the game to make flowing and interacting with the world feel better.


2. It hurts my soul to admit it, but this will probably never happen. People don't always like to except it - but Warframes are treated a lot like League of Legends characters both in how they're sold and how DE plans to use them. Skins will inevitably be a thing though.


3. This would be neat. Perhaps you should decide to be the Tenno to make a good argument/suggestion in favor of this?


4. Love this. I think it is probably safe to assume that something like this might eventually happen. It seems to me like a natural direction for the game to explore.


5. This is one point I do have the official answer for. That answer is "Not right now. Someday perhaps, but no time soon."


6. This is cool. Like some of the other points have no doubt alluded - the best way to get real traction on these ideas would be to make a thread explaining why they are useful and how they can benefit the game so that other people can show their desire and excitement for features like that.

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What about instead of sacking a warframe to unlock a single ability for the 2nd suggestion point, you have to play that warframe to completion to unlock its "skill tree?"


Mods stay the same for weaponry, but skills are skill tree based and in order to be capable of switching out your skill build you have to unlock skill trees by leveling the specific frames to 30 and then using the skills to build towards the ultimates. This way, say you want to use Trinity skills, getting her to 30 unlocks the Trinity Legacy skill tree and the first available skill is her Well of Life. After that, you have to have a certain number of procs on it to be able to move on to Energy Vampire and so on. This way the mastery system becomes less of a single shot nuisance in only affecting first time levels from mastery of weapons and instead is a more synergistic system.


So if I want to have a load up with Loki's Decoy, Volt's Overload and Vaubaun's Tesla, I would need a Tier 1 Loki, Tier 3 Volt and Tier 1 Vaubaun, or something of that nature. 

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