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Vauban's Traps Tweak


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Vauban is a good warframe, and I'm not about to suggest buffs to the actual abilties, but I would like to suggest one minor tweak:


Could you allow us to hold down the Warframe Power Button to "charge" the throw on the trap ball?


For example, Tesla.


If I tap 1, he does what he does now, just lobs it a few feet. If I hold the button down for up to 2 seconds, he'll throw it like a grenade, so that you could throw it into a nearby room before entering it to let the Tesla soften the enemies up.


I find that Vauban isn't that good of a frame to use when solo and not doing Defense, and this is part of the reason why: His traps are awesome, but have incredibly limited utility (you have to drop the traps and then lure the enemies to you).


Allowing us to throw the traps for further distance would give us more solo utility. Making it so you hold the button for longer throws would give us more choice/control on where we want the trap to go.

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Actually adding a max stretch mod and some... creative placement... does wonders. Remember it sticks to floors, walls, ceilings, doors, other players, and probably the hopes and dreams of French children.

Getting used to the arc takes practice but you can get it quite far if the overhead allows.

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