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Just A Small Visual Tweak, Make The Dera Fire From Both Barrels When Using Split Chamber.


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I realise it's not really important, but just one of the small things that look nice. Ultimately, I'd like to see mod cards actually affect how the weapon looks, much like elemental mods on melee weapons, but it's really not as important as new and more varied weapons.


SO YEAH, make the Dera fire lasers from both barrels when you have Split Chamber equipped. It'll be cool.


EDIT: Now that I think about it, should this be in Art and Animation?

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It already fires from both barels.

I should've been more specific, it alternates with every shot. If you have split chamber equipped, the lasers are both fired from the same barrel, but because of the 100% accuracy, you can't see them. If they fired from both barrels simultaneously, you could better distinguish that you've fired two lasers.

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