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Mod For Glaive/kestrel


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Since thunderbolt was introduced more weapon specific mods are possible.

So here is the mod idea for the glaive/kestrel:


Mouseover to lock on up to x targets (more targets when you lvl the mod), the targets will be highlighted like Ash's bladestorm,

then throw the weapon and it will hit all enemies in a row.


That way you can hit multiple targets instead of throwing it at enemies one by one.

This idea came from TERA, you can see it in this video.

The only difference would be that the glaive/kestrel would travel to each enemy instead of hitting them all at once.


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That's not what glaive/kestrel are intended to: their greatest strenght is the way back, not the initial throw, beacuse the initial throw changes its path unpredictably, while the return is easily understandable. To optimize thrown weapons, you must use their way back at full potential, otherwise you'll end up killing one and only one enemy with a charged attack, and, considering the flying time, that's not a great thing

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yeah they had it in the pipeworks , a special mod Glaive Power Throw which would allow puncture so you wouldnt deflect off your first target but instead slice thru


PLEASE DE introduce this mod! just make it really high cost like the other puncture mods

It would just make this iconic weapon alot more fun to use and give it that slight edge it needs

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