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[Suggestion] More Stalker Like Gameplay: Aliens Into The Dark.


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Hello fellow Tennos

Me and some frieds were talking about the immersiveness of the stalker gameplay, and we think it will be good to have more mechanics like this into the gameplay:

Try to imagine an infested setting, few lights, rumors into the dark, and your party and you rushing to the mission. The screen starts to flickers/a heavy scream runs throughs the decks of the ship, you know something is coming, but you dont have idea who the target is. The alien-like beast drops from the ceiling and attack one of your party member, and as for the stalker, you have to kill it quickly or die in the attempt.

it will give an horror like boots to the gameplay, tension and more dinamic mission (as for the stalker).

what do you think about it?

ps. sorry for the little english, hoping the message is enough clear.

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You hear a roar in the distance. Then the lights flicker, the entire area fills with fog and then the lights go off. Except for the light on your flashlight you are in total darkness, the mist makes it nearly impossible to see. You hear a roar near your location and something big bursts out from the ceiling.


 You see the outline indicating your teams location (like normal when seeing them through walls and such) and the light of frantic gunfire. In the chat you read "Oh, S*** it got me!". In the mist you see a huge figure and you open fire. If you are lucky the creature goes down and you save your teammate, if you fail your teammate is dead.


 How is that?

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