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Update 9.5: Operation Arid Fear


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Update 9.5: Operation Arid Fear!  



  • New Grineer Settlement. Hiding here are new enemy types waiting to be battled, blueprints for weapons, and more… Complete Operation Arid Storm to unlock its secrets!
  • https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/92493-operation-arid-fear/

  • New weapon: Grineer-issued Twin Gremlins! Blueprint available on the hidden Grineer Settlements…

  • New weapon: Miter, a sawblade gun of death! Blueprint available on the hidden Grineer Settlements…
  • New Bladestorm animations for Infested Ancients and Chargers.
  • Stealth Finishers for Infested Ancients.
  • New weapon skins bundle: Desert Camouflage patterns for Grineer firearms
  • Mod Transmutator – Combine 4 mods to produce 1 random mod. Combining mods of similar polarity, rarity, or compatibility will influence the result.
  • New custom Warframe idle animations.
  • New RNG fixes – Enemy and Level specific drops for more efficient hunting!
  • Added “Remove all” button to Mods screen.


  • Dojo Construction Upgrade Phase 1: “On the Grid”

5 Halls, Power Room, and all connector pieces updated to fit new grid system for improved layout options.
Older versions of these rooms are no longer available for creation but remain if you own them.
Older versions of these rooms will not fit the new grid system.
Older versions can be destroyed for a  full 100% refund allowing you to reconstruct with the new versions. All Platinum used to rush rooms is included in the Clan Vault.
New versions fit a grid system that will eventually allow you to loop pieces with more than one entryway.
New versions look better!
All other room pieces not listed have updates in progress to fit the grid where necessary.
Rooms that have not been updated retain their functionality,
Rooms that have only one entrance are largely unaffected by the grid change (because they can’t be looped anyway)

Older version of the Clan Hall can be converted to the new Clan Hall instantly with no cost, if it is the only room in the Dojo (destroy all other rooms first). You must remove all Decorations in the Hall before converting.



  • Add charging state feedback on HUD.
  • Thief’s Wit mod upgraded! With a high enough fusion, you will be able to see mods on the minimap.
  • By request, chance of diorama background on login.
  • Corruptors can now be sold: Alpha/Beta for 100 credits each, Stable for 50 credits each.
  • Infested and Ancients no longer drop Corruptors.
  • Aura card UI changed to a grid system.
  • Added custom reload animations for Dera, Supra, Lanka, Ogris, Lex, and Kraken.
  • Added custom recoil animations for Latron Prime, and Lato.
  • Added custom reload sounds for Strun, Dera, Supra, Gorgon, Ignis, Grakata, Acrid, Kraken, Hek, and Lex.
  • Updated stealth finisher sounds for Axe, Dual Sword, Sword, and Staff weapon types.
  • Prevent being able to revive enemy capture target while he is being affected by Nyx's mind control.
  • Revised Rhino’s Iron Skin texture as requested.
  • Hikou fx trail now uses energy color.
  • FX tweaks to Ignis
  • Ongoing Art and sound improvements on some Clan Dojo connector pieces and halls.
  • Raptor projectile explosion FX toned down.
  • Replaced existing Japanese font with new font in effort to clean up positioning and size of characters.
  • Cleaned up some Clan Dojo obstacle course audio.
  • Added animation and sounds for Ash’s Bladestorm ability vs. Ancients
  • Clan Stats are hidden in Profile unless you are in a clan or have a clan invite.
  • All Objectives in Endless Defense now scale to the mission's enemy level - higher end defense should now be slightly more tolerable for solo play or squads without Frost. Does not scale with additional enemy scaling per wave.




  • Fixed Reactor FX not replicating on client.
  • Fixed missing skybox issues in Grineer Galleon.
  • Fixed HUD breaking when reviving capture target affected with Nyx's mind control.
  • Fixed HUD breaking when reviving rescue hostage.
  • Fixed streaming settings on some gun textures.
  • Fixed some missing art issues in Grineer Galleon.
  • Fixed some object collision in Grineer Caves
  • Fixed issue with Ash Bladestorm where the Ash’s arm may be stuck in his shoulder.
  • Fixed issue where Ash would become invincible after using Bladestorm on clients.
  • Fixed Vauban's powers not working when stuck onto Frost's Snowglobe.
  • Fixed bad cases with Vauban’s Tesla, Bounce, and Bastille that would occur when the instigator player would die/respawn/leave the game.
  • Fixed issue where mini map moves incorrectly depending on player's direction.
  • Fixed potential problems that may arise if a player is visiting another clan's Dojo.
  • Fixed shield hit FX not appearing on certain weapons.
  • Fixed Alt helmets that were applying visual FX twice when a clan emblem projector is equipped.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Moult ability FX not showing on client.
  • Fixed Akimbo pistols to act like akimbo pistols when carrying datamass.
  • Fixed enemies severing when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed enemy AI throwing grenades in strange directions when players are moving.
  • Fixed most issues relating to “cannot use power in air” bug.
  • Fixed the Hikou throwings stars so that they only have 1 flashlight beam pointing in the correct direction.
  • Fixed heavy impact mod from activating after being teleported.
  • Fixed Camera controls melee direction setting will always default to On when logging in.
  • Fixed non-Warlords being unable to kick clan members
  • Fixed Lotus transmissions incorrectly calling out ships when on planets
  • Fixed Osprey explosion sounds
  • Fix for Nova's Wormhole being used on enemies and sending them to a far away place
  • Fix for Dera not updating with custom colours in the arsenal.
  • Fix for not being able  to attack immediately after a jump attack or slide slash with Cleavers/Zoren weapon.
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Added details to Gremlin Blueprint
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Edit: Looks like it's fixed now. TIME TO SLAY ALL THE CORPUS!

And since a lot of people will read this, you can rush the Corpus Void Keys for zero plat. That is, if you don't want to wait the minute.

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