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Is Mod Transmution Worth It?


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Funny that they said RNG is something they are trying to rework/fix. Then, boom, another RNGfest.


Maybe we'll find out with time how the rarity/cost/polarity influences the results, but right now it seems to me like it's pretty shoddy at best.


I used some rare mods I don't equip and a Vital Sense. Paid 32k and got... Vital Sense.

If nothing else, it really could have the decency not to give you one of the mods you just used. I just threw away 32k and 3 mods and got ---nothing--- in return. I know it's not a big cost or anything, but it's just not right.

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I think this is great. I got Master thief and venom resistance mod out of it, the rest was crap but i think it's a good way to burn the load of mods and credits a few people have.






EDIT: Annnd i just got Retribution, i'd say it's pretty worth it.


EDIT2: And now i just got rage?! WTF LOLOLOL

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I've done a total 5 rounds of Transmute using 4 Rares.


 It only 'downgraded' my card twice. The other three times I got a rare. Two of those rares where skills.



 BUT - all the rares I burned doing these test runs where skill cards.




 The third Rare I won was Rage. Which is nice.

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Nope. And here's why:

I transmuted 4 energy vamps into 1 energy vamp for 24k credits.

I decided to do that again.


I transmuted another 4 energy vamps into 1 energy vamp.

I heard you liked Energy Vamps, so I traded your Energy Vamps for an Energy Vamp which you can convert with Energy Vamps for an Energy Vamp so you can have an Energy Vamp while you convert Energy Vamps!


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