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Blueprints Vanished From Inventory After Patch ?!


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...as the title says ... anyone noticed the same thing ? .. if not, check your inv, if you still have all your bp's.


so strangely its seems that i can still see them in the foundry for crafting.


what happend ?


please check and advise


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What they did is now when you have 1 of X blueprint, it is taken away from your inventory to prevent you from accidentally selling it. It is a wonderful feature because when you're low on credits and selling stuff, and its 4am and you're tired, and you just so happen to sell your only forma blueprint left...you might rage a little inside. But with this new feature you are now able to sell all of your blueprints that you have multiples of. Although having a cronus blueprint may seem useless...at least you can't sell your only blueprint for X warframe (systems, chassis, helmet) by accident.

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