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Arid Fear Missions Not Availible


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Well seeing how the Last Event ended a Full day early.

Me Thinks that DE is regimenting the distribution of Event-Alerts to make this Event last the time it is meant to last.


this is a snipit from Operation: Arid Fear


To enter the Void and find these Scouts, you'll need to collect Datamass and Cipher components by completing replayable special Alert Missions. Once you've received these components, you'll need to obtain a Corpus Void key blueprint within the Market.


Building it takes about 55 seconds.


So just have to wait for more of the Arid Fear Alerts.

when they pop back up, do it as many times as you can to get as much of the mats to make many many Keys.


The Corpus Void Key Blueprints cost 2K in credits.  so scoop them up now so you can just build them over and over once more alerts pop up.

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