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Multishot, Crit, and + Damage mods



Hey guys,

I need some help with a build focus question and just need a generally "one is better then the other unless..." type of answer.

For most of my primary weapons, I am torn between picking up just two of these mods: Argon Scope, bladed rounds, heavy caliber, Vigilante Armaments, or hunter munitions. Shotguns included, what is usually the best choice generally speaking? Even though I am a MR21 and been playing for sometime I am not a WF math wizard :)


Assuming max rank on all mods

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In terms of Damage usually

Primed Bane > Heavy Cal > Bladed Rounds > Argon Scope

Hunter's Munitions and Armaments can vary too heavily based on the weapon's Crit and Status to generalize.

Armaments can place between being better than Bladed or worse than all of them. Remember shotguns also don't have as many or strong of Crit mods bringing Armaments up in value. Hunter's can vary from being the best choice to worse. Completely depends on your Crit chance. Generally it's worth finding a spot for Hunter's on a weapon with ~40% or higher crit but not exactly worth ditching something like Primed Bane. Not to mention it's value heavily skews based on shooting armored or unarmored enemies.

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