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Ogris + Despair = Bugged Audio And Animation (Update 9.5)


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Not sure if anyone else is getting this but... when update 9.5 deployed I got a bug with the Ogris and Despair. First thing I noticed (aside from the odd stance the Ash makes) is that my Ogris reacts to every Despair knife I throw. its an Audio problem.. also secondly the knife throw from the Despair is gone. just nothing..kinda hard to aim. =/



please community check this to confirm.. and rate up or comment so I know im not alone.

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Actually I think the knives aren't gone. If you look closely they still appear. What's actually gone is the energy trail. My guess is that by fixing Hikou's energy trail, they broke Despair's (I don't know about Kunai).


Here are some pictures where you can barely see the knives:







This issue seems to be only at the player's side. When you look at other players throwing Despair, energy trail appears. However, they look like laser beams instead of the usual trail. A bug as well, most likely.


Look at Nova here:




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