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9.5 Dojo Changes


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The 9.5 update changes the Dojo considerably. If I understand correctly, we need to bulldoze the entire thing to get the new system. As a ghost clan, it doesn't matter much to me, but am I doing it wrong? Is there a better way? Oh well. I wanted to redesign anyways.

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I think DE should have simply applied the changes themselves and turn the old dojo into a snap-on-grid dojo with customization/redesign options for the Architect.


Now it basically forces you to destroy all that your clan has built, destroying takes time and it doesn't even offer a full refund on certain items.


Sorry, but I'm not going to destroy all our work just so we can play the waiting game before the new changes become apparent. Besides, DE claims the new halls and such look nicer, but they apparently thought the same thing about those idle animations (which look horrible).


So yeah, until DE actually designs a fully integrated grid-system with style customization options and direct redesign functionality; combined with an easier to manage interface and building que; I'm sticking to our old layout. But this 'you have to destroy everything and then build everything again, don't worry you get some refunds' isn't going to cut it. You're professionals and should be more than able to come up with a better and easier way to revamp Clan Dojos.


Just my 2 credits on the matter.

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