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Hotfix 9.5.1


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Hotfix 9.5.1:


Tweak to Ash’s new custom idle.

Updated Grandmaster Solar Landmarks (seeing reports of bug after click, noted)!

Disabled Exterminate wrinkles in alert missions for event.

Fixed custom idles sometimes resulting in bad pose when carrying datamasses.

Fixed mods not showing icons.

Fixed Lokis’ arm clipping,breaking,fusing,merging, etc. with Supra.

Fixed problem with Transmuted mods not appearing in inventory until relogin.

Proper event badge now shows when you complete Capture in the Void (was showing sling-stone badge)

Fixed unable to sell blueprints if you only had one.

Fix for Foundry blueprints that require items not be craftable.

Fix for Foundry UI breaking if it was open when an item completed.

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Got a mod I was searching for, but it didn't save. </3

And another thing, if someone was in a defence mission nearing an exit wave and your hotfix comes in, what are we suppose to do? Keep going for another 5 waves?!?!

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