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General Feedback And Idea.


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Hi DE Team!
At the beggining i want to say something good :)

Im here for 7 months, and im enjoy with Warframe, dont remeber what game, what Developers hold me in them product for so long and i dont want to leave it.

But now this is something what hur me :)


1. Ash

I love Ash, it was my 1st Frame what i farmed but now i dont use him. Im sad because of this :(. Ash, and almost whole his skill need to be revoke - sorry for me only Smoke Screen is useful atm, dont use Shuriken or Teleport even Blade Storm with nice animation is useless.. many times mobs die before i use this skill, never ever with full team i killed max number of mobs with this skill. I farmed Ash because it should be a silent assassin, but atm its not, Loki and even Nova are faster than Ash, Rhino is almost same with new helmet. Smoke Screen is short, around 8sec. with full skill and mod. Not any melee boost dmg, not even boost with mobility.

Ash need realy good change.. Excal is a much much better Frame if you see on skills - 1st and 4th.

Hope someday You DEV team make this Frame more useful for Defence, for team. Make him a realy ninja, better smoke, better camuflage, much bigger pressure on melee fight and mobility. I dont want to make him a AoE god or AoE killer .. but make this Frame good enought to kill bigger much harder single target mobs, make this Frame a realy welcome in PT on bosses or higher Defence wave farm, when this Frame can kill this damm bigger single guy faster than other frame with guns or powers.


2. Melee Combat:

Other problem is - player cant control where you want to hit with melee weapon - its a realy big problem, try to kill someone when Vauban use Bastille and all mobs fly above our head ;]. Try to hit weak spot when Banshee use Sonar, try hit any weak spot with normal regular Fight.
Why players cant hold melee weapon in his hand ? why we can use LMB for normal attack and RMB for charge attack. Why still melee weapon and melee fight is so bad and so weak on higher lvl of mobs, why player cant be a realy ninja - especialy with proper Frame.


3. Choosing you gear:

Hope some day players can choose to not bring some weapon. With ash i realy dont want to take Rifle with me but i need to. Still i cant hold with my hand Melee weapon all the time this make first attack animation much longer, same when u want to use normal weapon. Why to not give some boost in mobility for Player who dont want to take some weapons - like Rifle - in mobility, energy recover, power dmg (all depends on what Frame player will use), for eg. when player use ASH can get 15% to speed without Rifle, 10% wthout Pistol, 5% wothout Melee, some players dont use melee, some players dont use Pistol, with this option they can get some realy good mobiltiy boost or energy and power. Some Frames are casters, and realy in sometime i just dont want to take Rigle, melee or even Pistol and want to use my power only, why to dont give player this options. Eg. for caster Frame - Energy recovery all Frame have 1 pers 2 sec, for caster when choose fight without weapon it should be 15 per 2 sec, why? Becuase they need to almost spam skill to kill mobs and Frames powers should be able to kill mobs on highest lvl on solar system.


4. Warframes ability:
Not powers*
What i mean, some warframes should have some boosts. For eg. Ash should have Melee boost - all kind of it and not only in DMG, but he should fight faster, deal better dmg than other Frames what use this melee weapon.
Casters like Nova, Mag, Saryn, Ember. Banshee should get better energy recovery, more energy - not 150 like mag and Sary have.
Some other Frames like Rhino or Frost, Vauban can get some weapon ability, better aiming, better dmg etc.
Special ability what make this all Frames better than other when using same gear.


5. Matchmaking, Lobby and host problems.
This prob. will be the hardest to realise my Idea what i want to say. Currently players need to be a host when they use Void Key. Sometimes players dont have good PC and not enought connection speed to be a good host, there is nothing good when all have lags in game. What we need? Looby, when host find 3 other ppl and one of the can use key without to be a host. Another thing, dont close this looby after Void end, still need to inv ppl to make looby etc. Other thinks is unable to invite ppl from CLAN list to join Void. And last one, player who have not good PC, slow internet connection should be able to set option in-game - Client Only - that avoid situation to be a host, when realy i cant be a host, this player will paly solo or can join in current match only.
Other problem is we dont know WHERE we join, when i go on some planet and see 4 sometime 10 squads i dont realy know where system join me, sometimes it join me to host what u have big lags, sometimes i cant even join any1.


6. Aura for Frames, maybe additional Slot for Weapons.

Similar like Aura but not give so much energy like Aura can get. What players can put there. Only small support mod what not give power for Weapon. This slots will not have any polarity and all "Support" mods will just give energy what they have on it. About what mods im thinking:
Rifle:Eagle Eye, Fast Hands, Speed Trigger, Thunderclap, Metal Auger
Shotguns: Crowd Control, Seeeking Force, Shotgun Spazz, Tactical Pump,
Pistol: Gunslinger, Hawk Eye, Quickdraw, Stopping Power, Seeker
Melee: Fury, Reach


7. Dojo, Buldings, Clan.

This is realy what bigger and smaller clans needs :)

Guild Bank, bulding where players can deposite some materials, Leader of Clan and Vault keeper can cheect who, when and how many mats leave there. Its help alot.
Other option is in clan list, it will realy help when Leader of clan can mark players and promote or kick from clan. This small tools will realy help.


8. Warframes and they Blueprint Drop, Ranks, Bosses
All in one point.
- Ranks - currently for me, player with Rank 11, 7 months in game, much more than 700hours in game, rank is for nothing.. my account isnt better, but from patch to patch i fell like im totaly noob here. What is my point.. make Rank more usefull, let it act. What is my vision:
Player without proper rank can join, go, play, on map/planet.
Player cant USE, but BP, craft Frames without proper Ranks
Player Cant USE, buy, Craft, Weapons - from Market/DOJO - without proper Rank.
Why like that, many Frames, weapon is great and powerful, and i with rank 10 and now rank 11 see someone with rank 3/4 running with Nova only because some other players - probl higher ranks - help him to get it.. its insane with player who dont have proper mods, skill, and dont realy know whats goin on join Map like Eris, Sedna, Plut and take what other players drop from mobs.. he is like parasite.
Player when be forced to play, lvling, buying weapon will get be better and better, will get some proper wisdom about game, about maps etc. In mean time this will block players who just whant to get reward for other players work.
- Warframe BP Drop - for me all warframes should be moved from Market - BP - and added to DOJO Labs, New building, Clan need to invent Basic Frame BP, all Frame parts BP, buy they from Dojo and Craft - materials for craft in own Foundry should be chnaged - no FORMA for it - Price for Inventing this whole BP should be hight enought. And ofcourse players need have proper rank if they want to Buy and craft this Frame, like with weapons.
- Bosses - so when we moved all BP from bosses to Dojo we should give something.. so Bosses should drop much more than they drop currently, not only Materials and not only one, but 5+ rare mats only, addition credits and much better chance for Special Mod Drop. This will give You a option to add some special Materials what will be needed for craft. About Bosses, theyn need to be harder, more interactive than we have now, bosses should have some phase.. Tenno should use something, go sometwhere put something, picukp from ground and shoot, avoid his special attack what can kill in on shoot, Bosses what will be challange enought to bring Trinity to party etc.. not only Shooting him to death.



Why someone who isnt in any Clan can still USE weapon what they craft when he was in Clan... it make no sense to BE in CLANS... ppl just join buy and craft weapons then leave clan, give nothing take ALL. This system need to be changet too ASAP.


Currently small and bigger clans have same problem. They just unable to control whats going on in whole clan, they dont know who add materials to build Dojo, they dont know how some players play etc. Did YOU DEV TEAM try to control 3000+ players using current clan system in game?

Other problem is that clan give NOTHING... players join clan, buy blueprint craft it and leave... there is nothing what can force player to stay in calns.

My solution is simple:
Players can still buy and craft items from DOJO - but for buy schemats they had to have proper rank in game eg. if weapon need rank 7 to use player need rank 7 to buy blueprint.
Another what clans need, if someone leave clan, or was kicked players lose option to using CLAN WEAPONS till they join other clan what have this weapon discovered.
More rigorous option is when player leave clan or was kicked they LOSE this weapon from inventory and need to craft it again.

Why that solution not other.. its simple, if players will lose something when they leave or was kicked from clans they think 10 or more times where to join, they start strive to stay in clans etc.

This is what game need.

I like when YOU give us new thinks but still have problems with older thinks what still isnt prepare for gaming - clan system, clan tax, clan bank, forced player to jojn caln and Stay in clans.
What about program whats i told us some time ago about clan choose they own polarity what will get whole warframes and weapons for clans memeber? This was good idea but my idea is much much better....



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