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Thief's Wit And Drops On The Radar Display


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Thief's Wit is a very situational mod, but a great mod with a low capacity cost when you need to farm things. The fact that it now shows mods on the minimap and highlights them through walls is really great.


But I think it has a major drawback: PLEASE make the dot disappear or turn to another color / darker tone when you already picked up the resource/mod. With resources dropping left and right with this new patch it's annoying as hell to track something on the minimap if it doesn't disappear when you picked it up.


The idea of cooperating and telling your teammates that there is an item they still didn't pick up is great, but when there are so many resources dropping you can't just put waypoints everywhere, more so with so many people rushing and not giving a frak about resources drops.


It's obviously not ultra high priority, but it would be a really great quality of life change for people using this mod.


Bonus: it's great that mods are now highlighted through walls, do the same thing for resources pickups. Not mandatory, but it would be a great buff to the mod.



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Yup it's a nice suggestion, if possible.... i would rather they greyed or darken the ones you pick... since i usually mark things with the people i play (since i play with clanmates only or friends, i don't have the PugLand/Rushing problems and we help each other marking stuff.... that's why it would be cool that the dots didn't disappear completely upon pickup)


Also if possible, it would be a nice touch to make mod dots another color to tell them apart from resources.... not a necessity but could be handy.

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