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Clan Obstacle Course Feedback


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For the most part the course is fine, however there are three parts I take issue with and think needs fixing.


1.  Top of the list, those pillars moving side to side in ever increasing speed are BS.  We never see terrain like that in any of the levels, and they don't behave like any other terrain where you can grab the edges or wall run up the sides of them.  I can handle the rest of the course just fine with a nice pace, but those things just ruin the whole flow of the course.  They have to go.


2.  The wall run into wall climb/flip course is fun, and it needs to be extended I feel.


3.  Over the area with the rising pillars, I managed to vault over one segment and then tried to vault over the other segment and died as a pillar came up underneath me.  I...  Died...  In the dojo...  Outside of a dueling room...  That needs fixing.

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