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Chassis Blueprint Drop Bug


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Currently Kela de Thaym drops a Sayrn Chassis on death, seemingly always and without exception. After eight runs through Merrow, I had eight Chassis Blueprints; no instances of no drop, no instance of either other component blueprint, just chassis.


Hopefully this will be fixed before Monday.

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One time, a couple of months ago when I was farming Jackal, I received the Rhino Helmet Blueprint something like 10 times in a row.  It's highly unlikely, true, but it did happen.


Also, lookie what I just picked up





Saryn Helmet Blueprint, just as a little bit of proof that it still exists and does drop.  It only took me 3 runs to get it.  Yea, the two previous runs did each drop a BP and it was the Chassis BP both times, but we're still talking a very small sample size (3 runs) when it comes to statistically proving a problem with drops.


Now, I'm not trying to say that there isn't a problem.  Who knows, really?  Maybe there is something that is now causing the Chassis BP to drop more often.  Problem is we really need a lot more data to really be able to tell.  I just wanted to post that screenshot up there as proof that at least the Helmet can drop, so maybe there isn't something wrong or maybe there is but you still at least have a chance at getting the other BPs.


Makes me wonder if DE has some kind of system on their end that tracks and records the individual BP drop rates among all players so that they can potentially spot problems in the drop chances.

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