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Community Sourced: Octavia Augments


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This is an open-call for Octavia Augment ideas! With the release of the Octavia Maestra Collection in Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.14.0, we are asking the bonafide Mandachord experts out there to show the Devs their design chops. 

Augments have primarily been community driven, and with Octavia being the conductor of synchronized teamwork, she is no exception. We are collecting submissions across all corners of the Warframe community, and we look forward to seeing everyone collectively come together to share their ideas. That said, this is a mass brainstorming exercise and not a contest. The Devs will be picking their favorites where applicable! 

Interested in submitting? Here is what you need to know! 

  • All of Octavia’s abilities are eligible (Mallet, Resonator, Metronome, and Amp)!
  • One ability submission per person. We want to give everyone the chance to submit, but also encourage you to really flesh out your Augment idea by focusing on a single ability.  
  • Tenno from all platforms are welcome to submit!  
  • Videos, images, and other concept media to support your Augment’s design are welcome! 

Submit your Octavia Augment ideas here in this thread! 

We are accepting submissions now until March 15th, 2018 at 2 p.m. ET! Once submissions have closed, the Devs will take a look at their favorites and consider them for Octavia’s first Augment(s)!

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First time for everything! I'm liking the "sound" of this way to do things already :)

Time to jam to some brainstorming beats.

Edit: Here's my submission!



Metronome Augment: Octavia and allies in her melodic aura share 20% / 30% / 40% / 50% of successful syncs.

  • Normally, when Octavia dances (crouch, jump, fire weapons, melee), she builds toward her own sync percents for Nocturne, Vivace, Opera, and Forte; same deal with teammates who dance in Metronome's range, they build toward their own buffs.
  • With Synchronome equipped, any allies inside Metronome's range (even if they don't dance) build up sync percents for the specific buffs as Octavia dances, eventually receiving the buffs when their sync goes to 100%. If allies dance to the beat, Octavia and other teammates gain sync percents from their beat matches.
    • E.g. Octavia crouches and builds 25% toward Nocturne, allies in range get 12.5% toward Nocturne.
    • E.g. Rhino jumps and builds 30% toward Vivace, therefore Octavia, Loki, and Mag all get 15% toward Vivace.
  • Note: only successful beat matches are shared, missed beats will not. Octavia missing a beat or two will only reduce her own sync percents, while allies only benefit positively from her beat matching. If allies choose to dance on their own, then their own miss beats would reduce their own sync.
  • Successful beat match transfer percentage is affected by Ability Strength (so at 200% Ability Strength you can transfer full sync)

Designed for Octavia players who are familiar with their songs and want to provide the team with the four buffs, two of which rarely see use (Opera and Forte) with normal Metronome due to weapon fire rates and/or teammates being unfamiliar with its mechanics (don't know how to dance!)

Since sync is shared both ways, teammates can help and let loose their moves! Every mission becomes Dance Dance Revolution!

Thanks @Schielle for sharing the link to the mod creator!

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Mending Metrenome

Successfully activating one of Metrenome's buffs heals you and nearby allies for X% of your Maximum Health over X seconds.

This will allow Octavia to make up for the one area she lacks in for a support frame, while also rewarding skillful execution of her ability. 

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When an enemy dies from Mallet, it spawns in a smaller stationary mallet, doing addition damage to any enemy that enters or within radius, lasts 5 seconds each, Enemies that die from the Mini Mallet does not create an additional mini Mallet. (smaller mallets can not be picked up by Resonator). 

Mini Mallets do not attract enemies to shoot them, but simply continues the damage it was doing when created and does not increase based on default Mallet.


Some stats may vary if finalized. (and yes, i did mess up on the polarization) 

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Pop N Lock  ( metronome augment ):

"pulses" from metronome no longer grant action related buffs but rather each enemy touched by the "pulses" is either randomly confused, disarmed or staggered.

(scales with strength for frequency of the effects and scales with duration for duration of the effects)

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Shooting gives you an ability to charge your mallet with a status of your weapon(primary/secondary/melee). Mallet damage type should be determined by largest amount of elemental damage absorbed, not by the last type absorbed.


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An augment that adds a bonus - in either power/range/duration, ennemy staggering (or anything you can think of) - if you or another player dance for a given amount of time (Maybe dance for X seconds to unlock a fixed like 10%/15%/20% buff or the longer you dance the stronger the buff get but this seem too easy to exploit). Each buff is attached to the player who danced and it has a small range so the squad has to stay close to keep each other's buffs.


I dance, so I get a buff, if another player is close, he gets my buff too as long as he is in within range. If this player also did a dance, I will get his buff when he comes near me. 

So if the whole squad dance and stay close we get up to 4 buffs. Dancing make you stop moving and add difficulty so you have to chose the appropriate time and place to dance :D

I think it could make the missions more interactive between players and make them look funky doing it. 

I don't know which abilities could be compatible, it looks more like a passive ability actually but you're free to tweak around it's just an idea after all ;)

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Hm my GF says im creative so lets give this a shot uhhmm  Critical Decibel amp augment : Octavia's amp can reach thresholds a max of 4 times each threshold stage increases a movement speed slow as the volume level rises reaching the final level will stun enemies in its radius duration of stun depends on distance from the amp ball itself after the initial stun the slow will continue as the LOUD NOISES don't stop for no one ever i am open to criticism if any one has then first time actually voicing a augment idea i had

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Perpetual Mallet: Every enemy killed by Mallet increases its duration by 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4 seconds (affected by Power Duration). (Hidden Stat: Max duration is equal to 2x modded duration)

Retrieving Resonator: Resonator no long picks up Mallet. Resonator now seeks up to 3/6/9/12 nearby enemies, and brings them to Mallet.

Reinforcing Metronome: Successfully gaining a Metronome buff increases Metronome's Armor Buff by 5/10/15/20% (affected by Power Strength).

Amplified Movement: Amp can now be picked up by Resonator, along with Mallet. Increases Amp range by 5/10/15/20% (NOT affected by Power Range).

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Here, I'll throw my idea into the hat too :)


Do the Flop!

Mallet (Percussion segment on the Mandachord) has a chance to stagger enemies. If the effect applies to an already staggered enemy, it triggers a knockdown. Both "states" would leave the enemy open for finisher attacks.

Duration influenced by power duration

Effect trigger chance influenced by power strength (maybe also decrease with distance from the center?)

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Tympanic Mallet: Up to 4 Mallets may be active at once. Damage pulses rotate between active Mallets, shifting with each new bar of Mandachord music.

For example, with 4 active Mallets, each mallet pulses damage on one of Octavia's 4 bars of music. If two Mallets are active, one beats out damage following the Percussion notes on bars 1 and 3, while the other does the same for bars 2 and 4. With 3 active mallets, each would get a bar, then the first Mallet would play bar 4. This augment to Mallet allows Octavia to control larger areas and affect her crowd control over the map in new ways (controlling multiple chokepoints for instance), while the cycling of damage to different Mallets would prevent her from completely shutting down a whole room with them. This augment also gives her gameplay a stronger connection to the music made on the Mandachord.

Notes: When synergizing with Resonator, the Roller only picks up the nearest Mallet. The Mallet's other effects (enemy distraction and damage absorption) remain the same, though the Range of the Mallets may need to be lowered to balance out having more of them available. While damage rotates between the Mallets, the percussion notes may also rotate to give Octavia players an audio cue as to where the damage is happening at any given time (and give players a really cool surround-sound experience).

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Defective Resonator:

Upon expiration of the Rollerball (or recast) it deals damage with guaranteed blast proc, with the damage scaling depending on how many enemies are charmed


y'kno like a real loud bassdrop :) 

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Extra Beat (Mallet): Mallet can now be hit by Octavia with 20% damage effectiveness up to 500*(power strength) damage (as in Octavia can't stack damage above treshhold, but she can prime mallet to do 500 damage ticks while enemies rile it up even higher afterwards)

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Can stick to walls/ceilings and instead of doing damage, it shoots out random blinding beams. I.e. make it a disco ball disco ball



Reduces Amp's effictiveness to 75% but also debuffs enemies within to take increased damage (or deal less)

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