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(FIXED!) Ignis hitboxes horribly bugged. Or stealth-nerfed.


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This is as of Update 22.14.0 or 22.14.1.

As some of you may know, the Ignis does not deal damage in a cone and never has. Instead, it functions like a beam weapon with a spherical AoE at the end of the beam.
Here's a description of how the Ignis Wraith worked, before and after the beam weapon update (22.13.0):

On 2018-02-21 at 8:31 PM, SortaRandom said:

For those curious, here's what the hitboxes looked like before:


And while I haven't tested this one extensively yet, this is what I think they look like now:


- the red-shaded region only hits on the initial tick. (You can kind of visualize this as the blue sphere being thrust forward when M1 is initially pressed... although Firestorm only affects the blue sphere at the end.)
- the orange line is the "central beam", which deals the listed damage.
- the blue sphere is the AoE we all know and love. It deals 0.50x the listed damage (although I haven't tested post-22.13.3 yet).
- the Ignis still reaches 20m instead of the Wraith's 27m.

Note that the second image isn't zoomed out or anything; the hitbox is just that much thinner.


Prior to today's updates, pressing M1 would initially create a 3m-wide "cylindrical" hitbox that would deal one tick of damage to enemies. Aside from splash damage from the sphere, this cylinder was the only way of dealing damage to enemies without hitting them directly with the beam. It was incredibly useful because it could quickly roll for a proc on any enemy hit, and (if modded for Fire/Blast damage) it could block various explosives like Bombard missiles.

It is now gone.
You see that red-shaded region in the images above? That is no longer with us. It's just a narrow central beam, plus a sphere that spawns at the end.
This was not mentioned in any of the patch notes.


The Ignis Wraith now has precisely three ways of dealing damage:

- hitting with the (very slightly widened) central beam. (This cannot block explosives.)
- relying on spherical splash damage, like some bizarre continuous-firing rocket launcher. (This can block explosives-- but if there isn't a wall nearby, there won't be a sphere nearby.)
- Attacking an enemy from exactly 24-30m away, which is where the sphere will be if the beam doesn't collide with a surface. (This range will be further away with Sinister Reach, and the sphere slightly wider with Firestorm.)


Basically, this means that if an enemy isn't standing next to a wall and you're not at an angle where you can shoot beside its feet, then you might as well be using a Flux Rifle because you'll need perfect aim to hit it anyways.
Did you equip so much punchthrough that the beam goes through the floor? Is the floor glitched so that the beam won't "collide" with it (e.g. most of the Plains of Eidolon)? Well, tough luck-- no AoE for you.

The Ignis is currently a flamethrower that lacks the one defining trait of a flamethrower.





~~ tl;dr : The Ignis is now a continuous-firing rocket launcher. The only way it reliably produces AoE is by collision with a surface or enemy. ~~


My request:
- If this is a bug, I'd really appreciate if it was fixed.
The Ignis can still hold its own if you treat it like a continuous rocket launcher, but that doesn't change the fact that it still feels weird as hell-- which is saying something, because the Ignis always has behaved weirdly.

- If this is an intentional change, I'd really appreciate a second look at how the Ignis' hitboxes function in the first place.
Instead of this "continuous rocket launcher" behaviour, it would be better to attempt a true cone-shaped hitbox-- for example, by releasing a continuous stream of wide "flame particles" that expand over distance, which is how flamethrowers work in games like Team Fortress 2.

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