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Gara's Mass Vitrify partially unaffected by mods.


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According to the wiki:


Damage multiplier is affected by Ability Strength, while crystallize converted health is affected by both Ability Strength and Armor mods such as Steel Fiber equipped on Gara.

This is not true, primarily the latter part. While Power Strength does affect the base HP of the wall, simulacrum testing demonstrates that glassing over 5 Corrupted Bombards  gives the same amount of converted health (20.9k) with 130% power strength, 180% power strength, and with 130% power strength and Steel Fiber. Each test only produced the same 20.9k result, which means crystalized converted armor is unaffected by any mods whatsoever, which is a fairly large problem, given that converted HP accounts for approximately 90% of the total HP of almost every cast of Mass Vitrify due to it's nature.


I've reproduced this bug every single simulacrum test I tried, save for one strange circumstance where I took off every mod by switching to an unused preset, and instead gained 41.7k wall HP glassing over the same enemies. I don't understand what happened there, but I assume that one's a simulacrum glitch rather then a gara glitch. I was unable to reproduce that one time.

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