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Nyx "Synergize" Rework

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Disclaimer: I don't think Nyx is a terrible frame. I believe she's in the same category as frames such as Nezha, Gara, etc...simply serviceable. These are proposed changes based off my playstyle, and my perception of her.

Since DE seems to apply Synergy to frames when they revisit them, here are some changes I'd like to see applied to her:

1. Make her Mind Control synergize with Chaos by spreading Mind Control to enemies influenced by Chaos. Duration of Chaos is what determines how long the synergized effect lasts.

Mind Control's Augment (in my opinion) doesn't really work. Unreliable AI, and 500% of their base damage is simply not enough. Her New Augment could be;

Remote Betrayal:

Minions can be killed by allies. When an ability is applied to one of the Mind Controlled (Ex. Fireball is thrown at a Mind Controlled enemy) all Mind Controlled store the damage/ effect from it. Based on Nyx's Power Strength and Range, Holding (1) detonates all Mind Controlled enemies.

The reasoning behind this would be a way for Nyx to get the range she'll lose without her current 2 (detailed later). This would spread damage across a large area, and allow allies to benefit from Nyx having minions in the first place.

2. I think her current 2 simply doesn't work. Damage isn't her strong suit, and the confuse effect from her augment isn't enough to warrant it's use. I'd say give her a new ability. My proposal;


When activated, Nyx is cloaked in volatile Psionic energy. When damaged, a psionic wave is unleashed, confusing/ disarming nearby enemies (dependant on Range).

Since no one really plays Nyx for her damage, might as well fully support her CC role. This would stun enemies, keeping damage off of you, without the cost of Absorb. The New Augment could be;

Thought Bubble: Enemies killed while under the influence of Backlash leave behind a bubble. Enemies that walk into the bubble are influenced by Backlash for the leftover Duration. Explodes in a (100% Radiation proc? Idk if that's balanced or not) when Duration runs out.

3. Chaos is in a good place, but on top of the synergy suggested earlier with Mind Control, I think;

Enemies influenced by Chaos should become weaker to Status effects. Feeds into her already powerful CC, and makes Chaos more effective in terms of helping teammates using Status weapons/ Frames.

4. Absorb is decent (with the augment, it's easily the best ability she has). To grant synergy to Absorb;

Enemies influenced by Chaos/ Backlash are pulled towards Absorb (Augmented as well). This would assist Absorb in making sure at least some enemies die to the blast unleashed when you deactivate it. Too often have I activated it and by the time I have alot of damage stored, no enemies are left.

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