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Mod Configuration Not Saving


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Sorry if this has been reported. I made a couple searches and came up with nothing so here it is...


I move my mods around a bit, since I have a couple of "go-to" weapons for different match types & enemy types etc. So I started to notice that melee weapon wasn't charging as quickly. Went into my mod setup and sure enough, mods were gone.


I thought the game had simply eaten them, so I searched through all my stuff. They were in the weapon I had just removed them from to put them in this other one. Not sure if it matters or not but they were Dual Heat Swords, Focus Energy, Rending Strike -> Plasma Sword. 


I take the mods out of one item, put them in another, do a mission with them staying, but after that mission they get put back into the item I took them out of. It's not just melee weapons. It's everything I can put mods into. They all get reverted to an earlier spot I had them in. It seems to be "mods are stuck what they were at X time of day". Mod rank, weapon level etc. is saving. It seems to just be mod position.


I'm going to make a dupe thread in UI because I'm not exactly sure if this is general or not, but yeah.


EDIT: Okay, I can confirm that mod levels are not saving either; I distinctly remember leveling up one of them and they're back at base rank. Gonna step away from Warframe until this gets fixed. Crappy bug I've come across here.

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