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Warframe For A New Player: This Is, For The Most Part, A Great Game


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I have just been playing Warframe for a couple of weeks and I have put around 20 hours into this game. I feel that DE has given us a simple yet fun game that's always great for passing a couple of hours. However, reading the forums I feel that many veterans have gripes with this game (rng,no endgame etc) and I want to cover these points from the perspective of a new player. It's gonna be quite a long article but I'll try to be as concise as possible as my Trinity is finishing up in 30 mins :)

1. RNG

For me the rng in this game is decent and DE does a good job of making farming fun. Compared to other MMOs I have played, eg Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2, I find farming bearable and still exciting 20 hours in. As for loot drops so far I have Focus, Streamline, Split Chamber and Master Thief. I think 4 "legendary" drops in the time I have been playing is decent. However, with the game's reliance on rng and certain "common" mods (redirection, serration and many more come to mind) players who are unlucky simply do not have a way to secure these mods. This is my only argument against the current system of rng when it comes to mods, and I propose that on levelling your mastery rank you ought to be given 3 choices of these necessary mods, so that everyone has a guaranteed chance to get them.

2. Farming

Farming is a huge part of any MMORPG, it is what the game is all about. Warframe grasps the "carrot on a stick" concept, and usually gives the player the proverbial carrot just in time, especially when farming for mats. However, blueprints are a different story. Farming for blueprints is a frustrating experience; my friend had to do 47 Everest runs for one Trinity Systems. Perhaps he is just unlucky, but I got all three bps in less than ten runs. This system feels unfair as you only need one blueprint, as compared to mats where you normally need several stacks so the element of luck is less important. Therefore, I think blueprints should not be a reward just from a boss, but also as a random chance of completing a mission in that specific planet. This would reduce boss farming and allow the player to enjoy the other modes this game has to offer. Want Rhino but hate Assasination? Go Raid and there's a small chance you might just get the bp you want. (of course, it would be a smaller chance than the boss but it gives the player some freedom)


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the gameplay intense;is the game fun? For me, it is a definite yes. I do enjoy slaughtering hordes of enemies, and enjoy the large scale, chaotic combat. However, the game fails to balance this with smaller groups of more powerful enemies. When Lotus warns of an impending heavy Grinner unit, I just laugh and slaughter it with my 60 mod Braton. When a specialised strong unit approaches, I ought to be scared S#&$less and running around gathering energy to prepare. I want more powerful enemies that are rarer (may not even appear every mission), but when they do come they can ruin even farming runs if the team is not prepared. DE has used Stalkers to do this to some effect, but they are not threatening enough and I am actually elated when my screen flashes black as I really, REALLY want a Dread bp.

Just some things I had to say, and I think that Warframe is a great game that is gonna keep me playing for a while yet. For me, starting out has been far more positive than negative, and I thought I should add some balance to all the negativity that seems to be going on in the forums. Thanks for reading and do leave comments about my suggestions.

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Dread is amazing on lower level stuff, i use it all the time. But when the levels jump to 90+, it just doesnt cut it anymore. Which is why im looking for the Paris Prime parts.


As for a challenge, have you started running T3 Void and Pluto missions yet? Also, Nightmare missions can be absolutely insane, neigh impossible with the wrong frame. I take ember everywhere, shes a Monster.....but i jumped into a nightmare game where we had no shields and no energy.....I was one shotted by almost everything. If we hadn't had both a Rhino and a Frost, we would have been ROFLstomped.




EDIT: Im over 600 hours in (400 logged, + another 200 or so from before they reset the stats) and i still love it. It does get pretty monotonous at times....thats why you have to pick a very specific goal and stick with it. RIght now, my goal is to be in the top 100 of the kills leaderboard. Right now, im only up to 1300 or so.

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