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"the Stalker" - Can I Be Assassin #24? And Improvements For Warframe


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     I'd like the option to get ash's stance back to what it was directly after the patch.



   Once this is completed, can i be called #24 and become like a seperate stalker.

where i'll join peoples game and legitmately shoot all 4 in the face with my P prime. or my Vipe single or my  Twin vanks.


Dont get my started bout my melee...


In all reality,

     Let's say certain classy players can have a roll like that. i'll just have to post a nice smooth/fresh framed video to emphasize this... demo(nihongo).... in all reality. thats where you should be thinking.  and its not like I as a player, or others that do it could just spam that^^^.  there needs to be a huge player-base size to pvp normally like that. Most importantly, for that to succeed ya'll definitely have to turn the notches on outgoing/incoming damage via PvP of any sort.


Say for 2 hours a day or w/e{---- something (a certain time period / restriction)} you get put into games and u either win/slay or have a really fun fight or jus get wrecked. I believe that would be where the fun/cash/stash is at. 


Fighting a player over the stalker would be epically fun.


BecuZ none of this will take place... Im'a make a sick &#! weapon for a frame.

\\\certain weapons for certain classes would also nudge up the rating on this bad boy titled Warframe.\\\

ill post the render some day. lol


 - a Dear customer/user/player/trendsetter/student/worker/cash money. 



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