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(Post Second Dream) After Setting Primary Focus Tree To Secondary I Lost All Progress

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I had The Zenurik School as my primary school after the second dream and i had leveled it up to the "Energizing Dash" and When I set my Secondary School "Which happened to be Madurai" as primary i clicked the "Phoenix Talons" and saved it before i logged off for the next couple of hours. When I got back on i noticed my Zenurik Tree was unlocked but nothing was ranked or usable. I Just wanted to know if anyone has had this happen to them too.

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well i lost the progress mastering some zaws that i have already mastered now appears on my profile like not mastered, and i dont know if i gain the affinity or not :/ with the last patch some thing are broken also one of my school focus reset entirely 

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You need to send a support ticket.


They will help you to possibly reverse the progress to get back what you had.

Must be a new bug from the recent update or something; I haven't heard of this one before.

If you have any screenshots/videos of you doing Zenurik skills like Energizing Dash that are dated prior to this issue, make sure to include them in your ticket to support.

When they see that you are able to do the skill but yet your progress has now been changed to nothing, they will know immediately it is a bug.

Good luck!

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