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Eidolon lures still block my shots all the time

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Thank you for attempting to fix the lures' pathing so that they don't block my shots. But holy *%&$ they still block my shots all the time and it's infuriating. It's not that it necessarily happens so frequently (though it does happen frequently), but that it happens when it really matters. Here are the reasons that lures make me want to stop hunting Eidolons:

1. I am using a sniper rifle, so I can't see the lures until they are right in front of me, obscuring my entire view. This means that there is effectively no way for me to avoid them.

2. Every shot counts. Okay, it might not matter if I miss a shot sometimes, but it also might be the last Void Strike charge, and my last bullet in the magazine, and 6 vomvalysts are about to recharge the shield. If the lures block this shot by surprise, it's enormously frustrating and will cost me a lot of time.

Knowing that I did everything right, lined up a difficult shot (thank you for making the limbs challenging to shoot), and then it was ruined by something I could not control, is freaking terrible. It's the equivalent of randomly blindfolding the players. I can't stand it.

Please at least make lures transparent to bullets, so that even if they block my view at the last split-second and I shoot anyway, I will land the shot that I so carefully lined up, instead of wasting it on a freaking lure. Thanks again for making an engaging boss fight that I actually enjoy.

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It has gotten better since the patch though. But the way the fight works you only need one active lure near the eidolon to hold it in place, from what I've seen. You can have the rest hold position somewhere ahead of the eidolon so it's easy to grab them when the final weak point goes down.

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