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All the working Glyphs 2017-2019


Here’s are a list of all the Warframe Promo Codes and Glyphs I have found so far. If anyone knows other Glyphs, please feel free to share them here in the comments! Thankyou to everyone that has contributed. :lotus:

Glyph codes list


BROZIME (Glyph code)

Image result for warframe brozime glyph

  • IFLYNN (Glyph code)
    Glyph code: IFLYNN

Image result for inexpensivegamer glyph

  • TACTICALPOTATO (Glyph code)
    Glyph code: TACTICALPOTATO
  • TOTALN3WB (Glyph code)

Image result for TOTALN3WB glyph

  • MOGAMU (Glyph code)
    Glyph code: MOGAMU
  • SKILLUP (Glyph code)
    Glyph code: SKILLUP
  • PROFESSORBROMAN (Glyph code)
  • MIKETHEBARD (Glyph code)
  • Image result for MIKETHEBARD glyph
  • ADMIRALBAHROO (Glyph code)
    Glyph code: ADMIRALBAHROO
    Glyph code: HOMIINVOCADO
  • KINGGOTHALION (Glyph code)
  • Image result for king gothalion glyph
  • MCIK (M C I K)
    Glyph code: MCIK
  • MCGAMERCZ (Glyph code)
    Glyph code: MCGAMERCZ
  • N00BLSHOWTEK (Glyph code)
    Glyph code: N00BLSHOWTEK
  • BRICKY (Glyph code)
  • Glyph code: BRICKY
  • r/warframe (Glyph code)
  • Image result for r/warframe glyph
  •  LYNXARIA (Glyph code)
  • Image result for LYNXARIA glyph
  • SHUL (Glyph code)
  • shul-profile_image-5664376f022f136f-300x
  • GUARDIANCON2018 (Glyph code) - Does this still work?
  • Image result for GUARDIANCON2018 glyph warframe

Promo codes list

  • FREESWORD (Heatsword + Catalyst + WeaponSlot)
  • OLDFRIEND  (Orokin tea set decoration and 3 day affinity booster) - Does this still work?

Instructions: Promo codes are special codes that unlock in-game items such as weapons and boosters. Please note that codes usually have an expiration date, and will not work once expired. Redeem your promo code at https://www.warframe.com/promocode

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Shul's glyph is finally available for everyone! 😁 

Just use the code "SHUL" to unlock it


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Good to see this, but...

hace 3 minutos, Excaliburnn1 dijo:

Code expires on February 15th, 2018, so get it while it’s hot!

Be sure what u copy and paste. Anyways, Thank you Tenno!

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