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[Suggestion] The Other Kind Of Scaling


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While looking at the stats for the Dera, I was wondering what gun the corpus crewmen were using, cause the I don't lose 22 life or shields to level 1 corpus. I then found out they use a dumbed-down 7 damage version. This led to the question of why?


Now this suggestion wouldn't really add or detract anything from the game if not implemented, however it would help with continuity and with making sense. I mean, how likely is it that the Tenno can take a corpus Dera, tinker with it, and make it over 200% more deadly on top of perfect accuracy, without even combining it with a catalyst or any mods. I think their damage values should be the same, because as much as I hate the corpus, I can bet they have the know-how to make a mighty weapon, and a bunch of ninja's would be hard pressed to modify one to be superior as a base model than the corpus original. Same goes for Grineer weaponry. Sure with mods, it's acceptable that Tenno guns demolish their standard counterparts, but as base models...?


So the suggestion is, find multipliers that scale warframe health/shields/armour high enough so that the Dera's, Gorgon's, Supra's, Burston's, and Grakata's that the enemies use are comparable to that of the Tenno. That would stop Tenno weaponry from looking absolutely god-like in comparison (stock, at level 1), damage values-wise at least.


This would also make duels a little less hilariously broken as guns currently have the ability to insta-kill warframes, and then when we turn the insta-kill guns on a level 150 Grineer heavy, it becomes obvious its' health pool is MASSIVE (as it should be), but its' gun doesn't 1 hit us like ours can. Not to say that the grineer's gun should 1 hit, but it should do a lot more, and to counter-balance it, the warframes should have a higher health pool. I mean, as it currently stands, a level 150 Grineer heavy vs 1 level 150 Grineer heavy will not end until a new era has come. And that's weird. 


With the warframes/guns as they are, and with the AI guns as they are, it's all like a david vs. goliath scenario, except that david has an atomic bomb launcher and goliath has no arms and is armed with a standard 2x4 in his mouth that eventually upgrades into a shiv to stab david with. Doesn't make many of the senses. 


The MOA guns, all infected, all bosses, and every other damage source would also have to be scaled up, making this a pretty all-encompassing and strenuous endeavor (I think), and as such, I think this suggestion is to be taken as a shelved idea, for when you guys have the time. I think it would vastly improve the continuity of the game, and make fights between the factions (when Corpus fight Grineer on the rare occasion) look less silly. 


In finality, nothing about PVE would change. With the right values being tweaked the right way, balance would remain largely the same and no performances would change, only the size of the numbers in the top right corner, and the amount those numbers decrease by. And in fact I think this could improve the little PVP component there is.


Also Nyx would get real good. Perhaps too good...  :)


Just think about it, it ain't urgent. (lots numbers and a lot of different areas of change for little in the way of gameplay improvement) I'm not even sure if balancing the damages of new NPC 22 damage Dera's and 24 damage Gorgon's is possible with the current NPC weapon level-scaling and base damages.


Suggestions? Disagreements? Improvements? 



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