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Crosshair Charging Indicator - Please Change It!


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First off, I do like this update! It's nice to see how much content is added and changed every few weeks, so hats off to DE for that!

Though one thing I cannot stand in this update is the charging indicator built into the crosshairs for the bows, Lanka and Orgis. I'm not sure if it is the colour, or the weird glowing effect it uses, but it just doesn't seem clean or clear. For me it seems to hamper my aiming.

I quickly made a mockup:


Obvious not amazing, but it gets the idea across. A simple charging line that makes the complete circle when fully charged. Clean and simple! No red, fuzzy glowing effect.

Another thing that would be nice and has been brought up before is the charging light. It's too bright, and causes a LOT of glare. Even with bloom disabled, you have this bright light causing a haze over 1/3rd of the screen and it is very annoying. Now with the indicator built into the crosshair, surely it is a bit redundant? I'd like it as an effect, but please DE, make it not as intrusive!


The glare is pretty bad, at least to me.

Other than that, those are my two niggles as a Ogris and Lanka user.

Keep up the good work DE! <3


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not seen the glare on my ogris.

i remember that the lanka had a light on it to indicate when the charge was ready, so maybe thats whats causing the glare and not the reticule.

Its not that bad on the Ogris because you don't usually zoom in when using it. Though maybe it is Lanka specific. Eitherway for me its really bright and intrusive, so could be a bug?

Either way its annoying as heck xC

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The charging indicator shouldn't be a complete circle, when the crosshair isn't either.


Additionally, the charging indicator obstrucs the view quite much. I suggest a thinner line on the bottom of the half-cirle crosshair.

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I agree with Grulos (quote button isn't working). The charge indicator should be a thin line or bar that charges up acording to your base/moded charge time.

Yeah I agree too. Anything but the glowing red, fuzzy circle will do really. Even if its just the crosshair as is, just add the charging bar under it. 

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