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This year so far...

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If I'm counting right, of all the things they talked about that did not come out yet:
1°) Bigass katana. Should be out before the next pair of weeks, Geoff gave the timeline.
2°) Syndicate assassination with a kingpin system: a long time ago, they said it did not come together and was not that good, so they get back to the drawing board. Sometimes, you pitch something, it's cool. You make some early versions, refine it, test it,time passes, and you realise it's meh. So you get back to the drawing board.
3°) Dojo graphical update, new decoration, possible new rooms and stuff. They did not give any ETA, but from the look of it and the way they said things, I bet it's gonna be out before the end of March. CONFIRMED for this week.
4°) Revamp of lights, starting in the asteroid: not ETA whatsoever, what did change, however discret,  is some very nice bag-ends for this tileset.
5°) New Eidolon; not a teralyst reskin with different attacks and a laser show, a whole new one. No ETA, we've seen progress from sketching to rigging so far.
6°) Dark Sectors: So far we've seen early work in progress that looked more like a tech demo (for the tileset streaming) and a proof of concept. No ETA.
7°) Venus Landscape: no ETA, but from the looks of it and the Plains timeframe maybe we'll get it this fall, best case scenario.
8°) Sacrifice: the only thing we know right now is a comment by Geoff talking about a "new system". More on that below.
9°) Deluxe skins: Zephyr where are you my love, Vauban looks steampunkily cool.
10°) New zaws more katana like. no ETA, it was just mentionned.
11°) Khora: the way her power work had to be redone because of 12°), so it takes time too.
12°) Physical Damage 2.5: from the comments the got when Scott announced what he intended, they realized that more than tweaks, it's an in-depth rework the ISP need. So DElays, yes.
13°) I almost forgot: FRIGGING SENTIENT OUTPOST. Only a few artwork showed at Tennocon.
EDIT because I lost track, which makes @Morty2989's point even more I guess:
14°) Where's that Stalker PvP mode?
15°) So, about that hydroid Prime video...

That's pretty much it, I s'ppose.
So, even though I disagree with you (and tbh with no offense intended, you do sound like a spoiled prick even though you make some valid points), I understand where you're coming from. Coz that's a lot of stuff, and I also have been playing long enough to be I'm in the process of finishing formatting every wingle weapon of tis game, completing my focus trees and farming for arcanes on Eidolons (but can't because too much bugs, waiting fixes).
But please keep in mind
1°) DE is only 200 ppl. That sound a lot, granted, but take into account that Bungie is 1000. Now compare what the Destiny franchise did and what Warframe did and did not in the same period (not counting that Bungie basically said developping content for this kind of game is too hard, they'd rather do loot boxes). I'm not a pro game developper, but I know a thing or two about game developpment, the pipelines and how it works, and the amount of stuff they manage to do is, more often than not, impressive. 
2°) Sometimes, S#&$ doesn't come together as you'd like. Honestly, it's easy to make an enticing trailer. umbra's assets already exist, the room from Lua they used for that already exists, they had to write a few Ballas lines about the theme of the quest and have to scenarise a few actions that are already rigged in our animations framework. That's a hype tool. The story of the quest doesn't have to be finished at some point, you just need the general theme. It was the same when they released their first War Within trailer. But when they write it, they may encounter some unforseen problems. If War Within is any indication, they had to re-write it from basically scratch like 4-5 times. I remember a comment from Geoff saying Vor was gonna be in it. Sacrifice may be in the same state, and learning from War Within, they know better than to give even rough estimates. The quest was supposed to air before summer 2016, if you can remember; it didn't go so well. I s'ppose it's DE trying not to repeat the same mistakes by keeping it under wrapps because they KNOW the moment they whisper "umbra", we, as a community, are gonna get batS#&$ crazy and harass them with "umbra when" to no end. See how much theprevalent the question is in every stream they make even when they keep it as tight as possible.

See it like this: when they released the teaser at tennocon, they were pretty clear as to where their priority lied; Plains first, Sacrifice later. And with all the technical issues they had (because going from the tileset randomized environnement to an open area is a massive technical shift), they diverted a lot of people working on the quest back to the Plains to ship it with limited delays. And then there was the phase of debugging and ironing, Plague Star, the Gouls, and all the added content to the Plains (to me, the Plains as it released was a MVP as a test for DE to see if we'd embrace it, and they added what they wanted to put in there from the start once they knew it was worth it).
(Note that does not prevent artists to to concepts for what's next; but it drives game designers, level designers, sound designer, coders and the like away from Sacrifice). So yeah. Whatever they said, the writing was pretty much on the wall that Sacrifice was going to be delayed.

"Only check ingame content, nothing more, nothing less, same rule for your entire life, only check on physically world objects, not words, not ideas, nothing more than what you can touch and feel with youre bare hands (obviously I am speaking about actions too, if someone does something and you can indeed see it, then its something wort considering, otherwise its not).
With that last thing on mind a lot of your actual problems with the game will be fixed. "

You do know that pretty dumb, right? Because if you never check ideas, how do you even know what you're going to do of your day (let alone "if someone does something and I can't see it, it's not worth considering"). Being part of a community (as you are since you're interacting with us and a community is immaterial, you know) in a game with a pretty open developpment means that when you have worries and complaints, you rise them, even if you're being a but childish about it.

Now tha tyou both hate me :heart: about Kuva. I was so amuzed and angry when Sheldon was like "wait, that's not in the game, wait what lol?"
I guess there is a problem though with getting kuva in the fortress: if we can get some there, nobody is going to bother with Siphons ever again. NOBODY. And that would be a shame, because the mission principle is pretty cool, we've been forced into it way too many times is all 'I'm also looking at you, Index from Glast Gambit and the following infested salvage). But there is a simple answer to that: make completing a siphon unlock a survival alert-like mission on the fortress. Everyone in the team must have done the siphon or it doesn't work, and the rewards either are drops from ennemies, either from containers in rooms opening as the mission goes on, or as rotation rewards. And the flood does the same, but with starting level 100 and doubles the kuva rewards.
This would solve several purposes:
1°) Siphons & flood stay relevant, but you don't have to farm them. 
2°) More difficult content; survival starting at lvl 100 is something we've asked for a VERY long time.
3°) AT LAST, we can get kuva amounts relevant to our needs. Right now, it takes 7 kuva siphons without a booster to do a single roll on a 10+ roll riven. And more often than not, we need tens or rolls before getting what we need/want. All would of course depend on the amount of kuva we'd be getting, but a siphon survival of 20 minutes should at the very least offer 2 rolls for a 10+rolled riven.

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I look forword to the up date for melee weapons especially to see the attrax meta players get stepped on the same as us ignis and ember ppl did see how they like it among other things  onside note the fishing wheel with all the gear is bug dosent change or dont throw out stuff then some times no fish show or the dye dont work  how about fishing from ivaras ziplines i hope to see some of these anoying yet simple issues fixed

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I know I'm probably a bit late to the party posting this, but here's my opinion on the revisitation of melee weapons: you say you have a lot on your plate right now, what with the Venus open world and Dark Sectors, so my opinion is that you should delay revisiting the melee weapons until those two are out in the wild. Then, you can decide at your leisure whether melee just needs a balance pass like ranged weapons did, or a full Melee 3.0. Currently, melee weapons aren't in an ideal state, but they aren't totally busted either, so you can afford to leave them alone for now.

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On 07/03/2018 at 6:15 PM, AetherMcLoud said:

While you're at it could you enable regular Oberon shoulder armor on Oberon prime, just like it works for Volt?

Regular Oberon armor is soo much better with Feyarch skin. DE please fix this. :heart:

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il y a 11 minutes, (PS4)stoopidcaveman a dit :

i feel like we'd be fine w/o updates at this point, we still got a ton of stuff to do if you've been playing for a bit or just started (which is most people) only people who rlly want updates are vets. but congrats on 5 yrs

It is not exactly true, as not all updates are solely content additions like weapons, skins or frames. Some also bring new gameplay elements, be it the Plains, or the new open terrain, hell even the change to Kuva Survival or to the sound design are updates.

Some might say it is only the updates that keep the game alive, and it is not wrong to think that, as they bring back old players, tempt new players to get in and sometimes break the game to a point where it is necessary to take a few steps back and find the good way to jump again (looking at you Rail fights and Archwings).
And don't forget all the little fixes they bring in, yes there are things that still could use polish, even acknoledgement, but we all know the Devs are working so hard on Warframe because it is their baby and that they want it to grow to be the best game ever.

So let's let them update like they want and continue to give them pointers to follow.

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On 3/7/2018 at 8:42 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

We haven't released a single new weapon or Warframe yet this year (Khora soon TM?).

Zephyr prime aside nothing.
Endless kuva is not "endless".
2x Ghuol, 1x Plauge event return which annoyes the fishing/mining people.

When can we get something game cahnging?
Like an old event (Informant maybe)?
Change the awful riven transmutation or give us more chance to actually get rivens?
Any chance to give us the "Dark Sector" or "Kingpin" system?

We are forced to do PoE but PoE is boring/most of us burned out on it in the last 3/4 year. I just want to do enless killing and get like Vaulted relics but can't do that because only PoE have that drop.

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plains will be much better if they make it more like " common mmorpg " mean npcs in some " villages/post " wich can give u misions depend of ur MR, rep etc.. more enemies around wich can give better drops, some boses or mini boses maybe ? u know what i mean

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7 hours ago, PETI258 said:

We are forced to do PoE but PoE is boring/most of us burned out on it in the last 3/4 year. I just want to do enless killing and get like Vaulted relics but can't do that because only PoE have that drop.

You can obtain the vaulted relics via syndicate relic packs(while they are available).

The only thing that keeps me away from the plains is the lagg. I had no issues when it was released, then an update happened, and since that I have terrible laggs that feels like the whole game froze for split seconds( there are no frame drops according to the built in fps counter).
Since the new way to obtain arcanes are on the plains and eidolons also suffer from other bugs (random teleporting), I'd rather keep myself out of the plains.
So, no Plague star, no ghouls, no eidolon fights, no bounties, no fishing, no mining for me. Thats why most of us want something else ( or at least optimization).

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Indeed much has changed and i play since only a few months..

i discovered warframe in december, i wanna thank you guys at DE, i used to hate online games but im addicted by warframe, even tho the community complains a lot i feel that it shows they really care about this game, never felt such a connection for a digital medium, please never stop and keep uo the great work. 

Edit: well my wife now hate you tho lol.

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