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Venus - Venera, Game Broke Entirely


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I believe we're at 9.5.1, I just finished playing this mission and it was a bit laggy (possibly the initial cause for the issue) and the following happened:


-Mission Failed (we lost, fair and square)

-Experience points added up on screen, didn't get any drops (all normal here too)

-Game did not end, I was left to run around the level where my teammates (who I'm sure were actually gone) and enemies stood still

-Tried to Abort Mission, was not allowed to, an error message said I could not abort because the mission already failed

-Tried to Quit Game, clicking this made the menu flash once and did nothing else

-Alt+F4 to end game, this worked


For someone who isn't aware of using Alt+F4, they may very well have turned off their computer to resolve the issue.

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