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Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.15.1


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Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.15.1

Captura Changes:

  • Filter Depth is now also affected when ‘Interpolate Visual Effects’ is enabled.

General Changes:

  • Removed an un-advertised Duration from Magus Replenish - the healing on the Operator will now be instantaneous according to the % in the description of the Arcane.
  • Slightly adjusted the hand position when holding the Pandero Ceramica Skin to make it sit nicer in the Warframe's hand.
  • Improved enemy ‘cover’ tactics when attempting to seek cover in a Defense mission.
  • Improved performance when attempting to use a context action.


  • Fixed Zenurik's Void Singularity pulling in friendly NPCS, instead of just enemies.
  • Fixed Arcane Acceleration applying to all Primaries when it should just be Rifles.
  • Fixed floating clip when reloading the Pandero equipped with the Ceramica Skin. 
  • Fixed numerous edge case UI script errors.
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Hmm Thanks for Fix.

Maybe a small spoiler for weapons from the new PA?

One could ask for a time when more or less khora will come out?

When it will also be dmg 2.5?

When Eidolon Synovia hitboxes are corrected?

From when start to make hotfixes during the day and not at night on the Plains?


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Squash dem bugs!


If y'all dont mind, theres a weird "above normal volume" hit sound when stealthed and shooting enemies *specifically with Loki on kill shots


Also, arcane downgrade when?


Also also, trade tax adjustment on legendary arcanes seems requested a lot. I'd suggest 100k for a single arcane, 300k for rank 1, 600k for rank 2, and 1 mil for max rank legendary arcanes


Also, more fixes during night on the plains! /s

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Yea, once again a "Shrine of Eidolon" Update with no eidolon fixes!

- Hitboxes
- Desynced Hitboxes
- Random Eidolon teleports
- Sanctuary bug
- Did I mention desynced hitboxes and hitboxes in general?
- Random Eidolon Death Animations even tho it's a successful capture
- Better vomvalyst spawns?
- Lure pathing is still pretty wonky and tend to block the view
- Hitboxes
- Seizure warning for Eidolon Hunters ( This is not a joke and should be taken very very serious.)
- Not random or limited Lure spawns. Make the lure spawns garantueed.

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