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Because our new event is another not as much inovative grind mission, I tried to come up with my own idea on some more interesting event, which would of course take more work to prepare, but I think it might be worth it.

So basically it's two events, the second is continue of the first.

First Event - Purge of Tenno

Corpus is getting sick of Tenno always stealing their stuff and breaking their shiny machines, so they hurry up their Hyena prototype development. The result are multiple versions of Hyena which are sent in groups to hunt Tenno.

Hyenas will spawn in any mission
similarly to Stalker, but much more often. They will spawn in group of 2, their version is decided at random. There will be only one line of dialog, something like "Target detected." and then they will attack players. They will hunt them down one by one. When you die, you have to use revive, no Incapacitation.

That will make us players really mad. So how do we stop them? We have to destroy corpus factories of course.

But we don't know where to look for them. So players will do corpus spy and capture missions, which will collect data. Once enough data is collected, an alert will appear which will lead players to random corpus factory.

These factories are special sabotage missions. Players will destroy reactors, sabotage computers and kill personal. The more damage they will do, the more points they will get. In the mission is possible to find many resources, even the rare ones, which are used to build Hyenas. When you are detected and the first wave of corpus units won't stop you, factory will start to evacuate. That means that over the time computer consoles will be disabled, reactor shut down and personal will be evacuated - that means less points for slow and not stealthy team.


Once one type of factory got enough punishment, it will be destroyed and the version of Hyena which was manufactured there will no longer spawn in hunting packs.

Once every factory is ruined, players are rewarded by amount of special keys. The amount corresponds to their score in sabotages.
These keys leads to special spy missions where instead of data, you steal blueprints. Exactly, weak Corpus can no longer keep their data safe. These blueprints would be random alert rewards, so it includes weapons, formas, orokin catalyst etc.

Second Event - Grineer initiative


Grineers will exploit temporary weakness of Corpus and will organize raids on Corpus owned Orokin ruins to steal some nice Orokin tech. That would not only mean stronger Grineer units but also longer removement of Corpus from the table of power, which would make Grineer even more stronger and they give Tenno some hard times.

So, on solar system map, there will appear new missions.
These missions are outside maps, where a battle rages between Corpus and Grineer. For each of these missions there is a bar of power balance which shows who is winning right now.
If we want to keep balance between those two factions, so they could betray each other as ever, we have to completely fill the bar in favor of Corpus or at least keep Corpus winning until end of Event when Grineer will give up.

So how do we do that.
We have large planet/moon map with Grineer and Corpus territory. We have to get to Grineer territory and kill important targets, sabotage reactors etc. That will fill bar in favor of Corpus. But we can also go to Corpus territory, where they are hiding that orokin tech and steal it for ourselves (that means void blueprints and parts). But every Corpus troop we kill counts in favor for Grineer, so just steal, don't wipe out whole Corpus army.

So if Grineer wins, it could have several effects which would last some time, for example:
Worse rewards in void.
Grineer ambushes in void.
Or just stronger Grineers.

If Corpus win, we will be rewarded by... I don't know, maybe some new mod which Lotus picks up from dead Grineers.

Thank you for your attention and write some feedback please.

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