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Could Mag Get Some Color Back? Please?


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Mag lost her energy color like every other frame a few patches ago. While most of the other frames seem to have mostly gotten their color back Mag seems to have lost hers in the void. I have Mag's energy set to the brightest, most saturated magenta I can get, yet her powers (with the exception of shield polarize) are still mostly devoid of color. Her Pull power is this mess of translucent green with an inner core of de-saturated magenta, Bullet Attractor starts out a distorted translucent colorless sphere and then seems to turn orange despite of the color I have selected, Crush starts out well enough but before the power finishes all color and effects disappear and its just this mass of floating debris and enemies. Only Shield Polarize reflects my energy color choice with this flash of bright, all be it somewhat grayed out magenta.


My other frames (Loki, Ember, Nyx, Banshee and Nova) seem to have mostly gotten their colors back, yet Mag is still stuck with this weird greenish, grayed out, or otherwise boring energy color.


So if you're not too busy, could Mag get some of her old color back? Before this color debacle Mag's Pull perfectly reflected the chosen color, mine for example was a brilliant, saturated magenta.




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