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Ember's New Idle Stance Just Why De Just Why.

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So Ember's new stance has just ruined her personality and i mean ruined :(


Ember's personality went from this









To this now.








Please fix Ember's personality back the the punk chick. Now her personality just rubs off as some muscle bound caveman with Tourette syndrome.



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I am uncertain as to how you drew this conclusion.



I have to agree with Lumi.


And I beg to differ as well.



if you two couldn't figure out Ember's personality from her frame and helmets then shame on you. Why you think everyone says Ember's a chicken. Let alone the mohawks on her hemlets and the new helm with the piercings. Now they made her stance again i'll state it looks like a muscle bound caveman with tourettes. Does not fit the personality of the frame period.




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It is a bad stance, even from a non-cosmetic standpoint.

The stance looks unnatural and jerky, not as smooth as others.

It is a bad pose, but nothing to get too hung up on. Before she just had the Excalibur stance, so I don't get why you projected your idea of punk rock in there.

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