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A Thank You,to De After Update 9.5


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Digital Extremes

From the times before Update 7,I had my heart skip a beat every time you announced and update,my body burst in cry round enduced flames of electricity everytime I watched your livestreams.

For these moments we´re one that if I would have a camera like those Warframes built into my head,I would take a photo of them and Fusion it until it´s very max rank.

This update brought more than just an ecvalating feeling of hottnes of the Ember killing the Corpus Scout right next to me.It brought me the PARIS CHARGE UP INDICATOR!Moving on,my most pleasing feelings we´re absorbed in a Vortex that seemed to piss off the Frost trying to summon up a Snowglobe on Xini.Well,we lost,but I knew I would not have to be sad.

For I do indeed feel a certain Roar imbued in my body,that said me...They improved the drop rates.You can finally build that Locust helmet,in which alert you met a girl gamer.*Nerd voice*Yea,I didn´t know girls played video games....

Anyway as a thank you daily reward gift,I have bribed 5 of my budz into joining this awesome Ninja-Sharade and buying the Founder Package.

You are NOT welcome DE.You are as to be pleased with my actions...And this awesome speech...yea,you´re welcome.BYE <3

With love,

Some random guy from the interwebz

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